Great news about the game Grand Theft Auto 5 grand theft auto, the most famous adventure, action and competition game

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a game that is one of the most enjoyable games that you can play, as many fans of action and adventure games, both adults and children, offer to play it. The game is characterized by multiple stages within it, and each stage has its own fun, and the police chases inside the game make you feel that you are In the real world, the game has many great features that made it one of the best electronic games out there at the moment.

5 grand theft auto

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the game through which you can have fun and excitement, as through the game you can do many criminal things such as bank robbery, robbery of pedestrians in the street, as well as shooting them.

The game begins with the police chasing the fugitive thief who stole and begins to form a gang of criminals to help him in committing the crimes he commits, and through the game it is possible to rob cars and various vehicles such as planes and ships and drive them within the game.

It is distinguished in this game that it does not have one hero that you can play with, but you can play with three main characters present in the game, so that you can switch between these characters with ease, and each character has a set of its own abilities.

The most prominent features of the game Grand Theft Auto

There are many users who know the game as the car thief game, and there are those who know it as the GTA game, and the game has many wonderful features, and the most prominent features that the game possesses:-

  • The game relies heavily on combat skills.
  • The game also has many distinctive sound effects, such as the sounds of the wailing of the dead.
  • In addition, the game has many beautiful scenery such as rocks, seas, and mountains.
  • As well as the graphics are very distinctive with which you feel that you are living in the real world and not inside the game Grand Theft Auto 5.
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