Green youth wants to rename Negernbötel

EThe small community of Negernbötel in Schleswig-Holstein has a population of nine hundred and eighty-nine. And if it goes to the Green Youth in the associated Segeberg district, then it should be renamed as soon as possible. Because the Low German name that the place received in 1306 wakes you up Suspicion of racism. At least that’s how it is reported by several media outlets such as Kieler Nachrichten and Bild-Zeitung.

On Instagram, however, the Greens’ youngsters themselves point to the origin of the place name from the 14th century, which means something like closer (negro) settlement (Botele or Bötel). Meant is closer to Segeberg than the more distant place Fehrenbötel. The Green youth argues most people these days did not associate the name with the Low German language.

“The place name N *** rnbötel contains the very hurtful and racist N-word,” writes the youth organization. “Of course that doesn’t mean that the residents of the village are racist, but it does mean that we honor a word that stands for racism, oppression and the murder of Black, Indigenous, People of Color and we don’t worry about it. “

The mayor of the Negernbötel, Marco Timme, said on Friday that he appreciated the young people’s political commitment. But it would have been better to contact the municipal council, because only this committee could change the place name. The topic comes up every few years, his predecessor in office warned him. This time it was “really difficult because it hinders our work,” said Timme. The topic has long been discussed in the community and there is no desire to change the name.

Timme had it back in January of this year Lübeck news said of the recurring debate: “We don’t have a racist living here. We are so well received. If that bothers you, you can live somewhere else. “

The state chairman of the Greens, Steffen Regis, slowed the party’s youngsters. There is no reason to attribute racist motives to the place name or even to the residents. “Renaming the place is not an issue for us.” The Green Youth even made a specific suggestion: “Näherbötel”.

In Germany there have been several renaming in the recent past due to supposedly racist names. For example, Mohrenapotheken in Munich and Kiel gave themselves new names. The renaming of Mohrenstrasse in Berlin sparked a discussion. The street in Friedrichswerder is now to be named after the first black scholar at a German university, Anton-Wilhelm-Amo-Straße.


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