Greens want Robert Habeck as Vice Chancellor

NAfter the disappointing result of the Greens in the federal election, the balance of power between the party chairmen of Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock has shifted in favor of Robert Habeck. According to information from the FAZ, Habeck is to get the post of Vice Chancellor in a future government coalition with the participation of the Greens. In the joint press conference on Monday, Habeck said that the two chairmen would lead the upcoming negotiations to form a coalition together. “And all other questions have also been clarified.” It is part of the responsibility to go into such discussions “well prepared and clarified”. This clarification will not be carried to the market. “But assume that we are completely sorted.”

The FAZ has learned from several sources that Habeck should move to the top in terms of strategic positioning. With the election result of 14.8 percent, the Greens fell well short of expectations. Baerbock, it is said, had her chance. With the personnel consequences one must make it clear that the Greens cannot simply continue in the previous formation, but have “understood”. As it is said, the party leaders did not only agree on the reorganization on election night. A long time ago, the two had already agreed that after a bad election result, personnel would have to be reorganized. With a bad result, the Greens always meant values ​​of 17 percent or less in the election campaign.

Habeck puts together exploratory team

As a candidate for Chancellor, Baerbock bears particular responsibility for the result. She had prevailed in a power struggle for the candidacy against Habeck, who would also have liked to be at the forefront of the election campaign. Since then, the relationship between the two has been considered ailing. Due to incorrect information in her résumé, additional income that was reported too late and plagiarism in her book, Baerbock brought the election campaign to a standstill. On Monday, she repeated the need to analyze errors and spoke of her “very special responsibility role” in the election campaign.

In the background, Habeck is apparently already acting as the new strong man of the Greens. According to reports, he has already contacted the FDP in the past few days and is now putting together the exploratory team. Habeck has announced ambitions for the finance ministry, which, however, the FDP chairman Christian Lindner would also like to take over. It is now first about the content, then about the departments and lastly about the people, said Habeck on Monday.

Habeck gets tailwind for his new role from a direct mandate from the constituency of Flensburg-Schleswig, which he won for the first time with 28.1 percent for the Greens. His party was successful in this election in 16 constituencies, but Habeck’s constituency is the only one in rural areas. Baerbock has clearly lost to the SPD candidate for Chancellor Olaf Scholz in the Potsdam constituency.

Greens warn against making Baerbock a scapegoat and sidelining. It is said that she is a “political talent”. As a specialist minister, she is undoubtedly suitable, and in this role she could still grow. The candidacy for chancellor had come too early for her, who has not yet had any government experience. Baerbock gets a lot of support, especially from colleagues in the Bundestag parliamentary group. Nobody wants an open conflict between the party leaders.


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