Grenelle de l’Education, salary negotiations in the central place of the teacher in society!

Awaited for weeks by all the teaching staff, the “Grenelle of education” must today respond to the indignation caused by the beheading of Samuel Paty.

This Thursday, October 22, Jean Michel Blanquer, Minister of National Education, inaugurated the “Grenelle de l’Education”, a negotiation marathon with the teaching staff which should last 3 months. The project was launched last August, when the state was trying to realize its ambition to imagine the “world after”.

A negotiation designed to imagine the Education of tomorrow …

When Mr Blanquer had mentioned, in August 2020, the idea of ​​this “Grenelle de l’Education” (after the ” Segur of Health ”), It was a question of responding to the demands of teachers, in particular through a vast salary increase.

It was therefore a matter of thinking about the future and the recognition of teachers by public authorities. Proof that the pay rise was at the heart of the government project, the National Education budget had already been increased by 400 million euros

Questioning the teacher’s place in society

But the barbarism, of which Samuel Paty was a victim, this professor of history geography beheaded on October 16 in Conflans Sainte Honorine, has profoundly changed the situation. Salary issues have not gone away, but the question of the place and recognition of the teacher has become essential and even central.

The mobilization of teachers, initiated by this despicable act, has spread to the whole of society, and even local communities seek to show their attachment to this freedom of expression and to teachers.

The “Grenelle de l’Education” will give a large place to this question of the teacher’s place in society, as the Minister underlined:

« The national leap must lead us to consider that the teacher is central in our society and that each of us in our life as parents of students, of citizens, must respect the teachers and have speeches that put the teacher at the center of our society. »

Teachers’ words are free

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Since the ignominy inflicted on Samuel Paty, become according to Emmanuel Macron the ” face of the republic “, The teachers spoke, denouncing intolerable situations.

Under the hashtag #PasdeVague, teachers denounce a degraded situation and recall that for years, they alert the Ministry. The word is freed, and the subjects of negotiation multiply: protection, recognition,…. Enough to make this “Grenelle de l’Education” even more explosive!

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