Gretchen Whitmer: Right wing militia wanted to kidnap Michigan governor

Kidnapping of Governor Gretchen Whitmer, storming the Capitol, civil war: in the US state of Michigan, the FBI is barely preventing the plans of a right-wing militia.

When demonstrators in Michigan protested against the Corona restrictions there in April with semi-automatic assault rifles, swastika flags and a gallows and even temporarily occupied the parliament building
Donald Trump
Great understanding: “These are very good people, but they are angry,” tweeted the US President and demanded “Free Michigan!”. The slogan almost became a bloody reality. A group of six right-wing extremists apparently planned the kidnapping and possible murder of Governor Gretchen Whitmer over the summer just before the November 3rd election.

Six right-wing extremists probably wanted to execute Governor Gretchen Whitmer

“I knew this job would be tough,” said the Democratic politician: “But to be honest, I could never have imagined something like this.” Before that, they had
Federal Police
FBI and local forces arrested a number of suspects. A total of 13 people are accused by the authorities of terrorism, conspiracy and various violations of the gun law. The hard core is now threatened with life imprisonment.

According to the FBI, six of the suspects were aiming for nothing less than storming the Capitol and igniting a civil war. For this purpose, Whitmer should first be kidnapped and then convicted and allegedly killed in a show trial. Seven other suspects were involved in the procurement of explosives and the activation of local militia officers. Authorities discovered the group through messages on social media and then used confidential information, an undercover agent, and wiretapped phone calls to uncover the conspiracy.

“I don’t know guys, we have to do something,” one of the suspects wrote in June
: “Let me know your ideas!” It was obviously the start of a murderous plot. “We’re going to shake something, dude!”, Another potential assassin posted and raged against the “tyrant whore” Whitmer. In fact, according to the FBI, six men met regularly in the summer for shooting training, operational drills and explosives tests. They discussed their plans in the basement of a shop, which could be reached through a trap door hidden under a carpet.

Michigan governor was about to be kidnapped at her vacation home

After initially considering kidnapping Whitmer in the Capitol, the group later changed their plan and focused on the politician’s vacation home. According to FBI agent Richard Trask, the prominent Democrat, who was temporarily under discussion as the vice-candidate of presidential candidate Joe Biden, was to be taken hostage, brought to a “safe place” and sentenced there. One suspect brought the taser for her anesthesia to a meeting. The summer house was apparently spied on. According to the FBI, the terrorists wanted to distract the police from their action by detonating a bomb under a motorway bridge. When buying the explosives on Wednesday, the investigators struck.

Citizen research

There are right-wing militia groups that rebel against any state guidelines, but often also have a clearly racist and anti-Semitic background
for a long time. The corona restrictions are apparently giving them new impetus. FBI Director Christopher Wray warned in September that right now anti-government groups and white nationalists pose the greatest threat to deadly attacks in the United States. They declared Whitmer an enemy early on because of their strict corona requirements. In the state of Michigan with just under ten million inhabitants, 146,000 people have contracted the virus and 7,200 have died from it.

After attack plans uncovered: Trump attacks the governor

Despite the warning from the FBI director appointed by himself and the murder plot that has now been uncovered, Trump does not want to distance himself clearly from the right-wing extremist violent criminals. He never withdrew his invitation to “Free Michigan!”.

The White House response to the incident followed promptly. In a series of tweets, the Covid-19 sick president attacked the governor who had escaped an assassination attack personally. You would have done a “terrible job” and should thank the Federal Police FBI for the work, instead of criticizing him, he demanded. Although Trump asserted that he would not tolerate violence, he only scourged the left “antifa, anarchists, looters and rioters who burn down democratically governed cities”.

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