Grey’s Anatomy: Future of Zola, Jackson and April, Callie and Arizona in New York … What could the possible spin-off talk about?

There is only one episode left for season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy, but spin-off rumors have been circulating for a few days now. Yes, the boss of ABC may have returned to his words, his first intervention left little room for doubt and we wonder if he just dropped the song a little too soon. In case ABC has a little surprise in store for us, we can already start thinking about the possible spin-off topics of Grey’s Anatomy, and as much to say that the possibilities are numerous given the number of characters who passed by Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Zola future doctor? – Credit (s): abc

If a spin-off is commissioned, it could focus on already existing characters. We think in particular of April and Jackson, gone to Boston with Tom – which would already make a good base of familiar characters, or Callie and Arizona who are in New York for a few years. However, we imagine that all the actors are already occupied elsewhere, and that if they have left the series (willingly or by force), there is no guarantee that they will want to return to it. This is one of the reasons why a spin-off on a young adult Zola could be interesting, and even more so if she chooses, like her parents, a medical profession.

Callie, Arizona and Sofia
Callie, Arizona and Sofia – Credit (s): abc

Another possibility would be for Shondaland to develop a new concept with a character to make the connection, as was the case with Ben and the spin-off. Station 19. After surgeons and firefighters, a new series could follow a team of Seattle cops as in the franchise Chicago P.D, Chicago Fire and Chicago Med. Obviously other professions could be at the heart of the series, possibly closer to the medical field in order to easily make a link between Grey’s Anatomy and this potential new spin-off. While waiting to know if it will really exist or not, the promo video of the season finale of season 17 is available right here.

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