Grey’s Anatomy season 16: will DeLuca be the one who will save Richard Webber?

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Episode 21 of season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy will be the last of the season and it will be largely focused on Richard Webber. In fact, the latter has been suffering from several disturbing symptoms for some time, but the doctors at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital cannot find out what disease they are linked to. At the end of episode 20, Meredith accepts help from DeLuca who, although suspended, also began to seek Richard’s diagnosis. During the previous episodes, the writers did everything to discredit Andrew by matching his fits of anger with his father’s mental disorder.

Andrew DeLuca

Could it be that the writers only brought this plot to add even more tension to Richard’s story? Indeed the promo video of episode 21 of season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy shows that DeLuca will still go against what Bailey tells him. Except that we already know that when he broke down in the hospital by reporting on child trafficking, he was right. He may therefore be right again about Richard, but that his past and his father’s illness do not really work in his favor. After all DeLuca has studied with great doctors, and has recently collaborated with an expert in complex diagnostics.

DeLuca and Helm in episode 21
DeLuca and Helm in episode 21

Andrew could therefore have perfectly found what Webber is suffering without succeeding in making himself heard. This would add suspense to this improvised final season of Grey’s Anatomy during which Richard’s survival could be at stake. Finally after being sidelined for a while, Andrew could finally have access to real redemption by being the one who manages to heal Webber. A plot like this would allow to see DeLuca in a new light and to know how Meredith, Carina, Bailey and all those who doubted him envisage their future relationship with him. In short, an idea that we hope to see materialize!



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