Grief for the loss of a journalist who shone on Canal Trece: “He had suffered a heart attack”

A really great sadness is the one being endured by a well-known and beloved journalist from our country. It is about nothing more and nothing less than Cecilia Ruffa, who knew how to make a great career in the media in our country, especially in America TV Y Channel Thirteen, where she shone in Nosotros al Mediodía, who lost her husband in the last hours, as it was learned.

The person in charge of giving the news was also the communicator Pablo Montagna, who in his social networks provided strong information and spoke about the cause of this death that moved many in the last hours. “Cecilia Ruffa’s husband passed away. Emiliano Fernández Delgado ”, he began by saying on his Twitter account. Then, and at the request of his followers, he gave more details of what happened.

“Emiliano Fernándes Delgado 44 years old,” he specified. “He had suffered a heart attack in mid-October, which brought him various consequences that accumulated and finally died yesterday,” said the panelist, clarifying the causes, and finally ruling out that his death had to do with the coronavirus, a version that began to handle after the outcome was known.

“They had a daughter in common named Asunción who turned 10 this week. They were also together for 10 years. They had married in March 2014. He was also the father of Mateo, the result of a previous relationship, “he said. Pablo Mountain referring to the relationship he had with Cecilia Ruffo, with whom he had formed an assembled family several years ago.

It should be remembered that the journalist stood out in the aforementioned channels, América TV and Canal Trece, as well as in other large channels where she shone alongside strong figures from the media of our country, since she also worked on Channel 7. Al Knowing the terrible news about Fernandes Delgado, the messages on social networks did not take long to appear, where the followers decided to express all their pain at such a difficult time for a very dear personality.

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