Grill the Henssler: Verona Pooth starts the mixer, but Christian Rach doesn’t like it

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Verona Pooth practiced. “I tried it once at home and it worked out reasonably well,” said the 52-year-old on the TV show “Grill den Henssler”. She was responsible for the dessert: curd cheese balls with blueberry compote. Full of enthusiasm, Pooth got to work on the all-important round, started the mixer and formed balls. But juror Christian Rach still had something to complain about.

Pooth competed against Steffen Henssler together with the two former jungle kings Ross Antony and Prince Damien. The TV chef admitted: “I don’t know when I last made quark balls in any form.” His result looked correspondingly misshapen. Instead of round balls, his quark balls looked more like cams. In contrast, the almost perfect balls from Pooth.

Christian Rach criticizes Verona Pooth

But what do the judges Christian Rach, Mirja Boes and Reiner Calmund say about the desserts? “It is both good,” said Calmund. “It tastes very good,” said Boes. But the former restaurant tester Rach was disturbed by the design of Pooth’s balls. She had fried her dessert in hot fat. “When I eat it, it’s like a stone in the stomach,” criticized Rach. Henssler’s quark balls, on the other hand, were cooked in one brew. That is much more sophisticated. Rachs rating: Pooth’s plate only got four points, while Henssler’s got seven. His points were decisive: In the end, Henssler’s dessert won with 23 to 20 points.

“You can throw in slices with that,” TV chef Steffen Henssler blasphemed about the quark balls from Pooth. But moderator Laura Wontorra protected the advertising icon: “I think yours looked a lot better.” Incidentally, this also applied to Pooth’s outfit. While Henssler was cooking in a white apron, Pooth served her dish in a yellow mini dress. Unfortunately, there were no points for this.

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