Grimm right in the middle: What was really going on in the Ukrainian hotel

BLICK: Mr. Grimm, what do your Ukrainian colleagues say about the game being canceled?
Thomas Grimm: The first information came from Uefa around 11.15 a.m. At first they couldn’t believe the news, then there was disbelief. Those responsible immediately began looking for possible alternative solutions such as flying in the U21s from Northern Ireland or a U20 team from Ukraine. Shortly before 1 p.m., the association was sent the “Order of measures to be taken against team players and staff members of the national football team of Ukraine”, as the original is called, in German via the Swiss Football Association.

Did you have direct contact with the Ukrainians?
Yes, I was sitting with the general secretary of the association in the hotel in Lucerne when this bad news arrived. The document was also sent to me electronically. The justification for the ordered measure was to prevent an “uncontrolled spread of 2019-nCov from the national football team of Ukraine to other people, in particular team players and staff members of the Swiss national team, and to the wider population”. I cannot understand this justification, especially the reference to the wider population. The Uefa protection concepts provide that no contact with the «normal» population may exist. The reasoning is also based on the assumption that an unknown number of members of the delegation who previously tested negative could have contracted the virus.

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