Grocers claim to be going through a “very delicate moment” due to the economic crisis

2023-10-03 18:28:45

Local businesses are those that are suffering the most from the drop in mass consumption by consumers. More and more people are choosing to go to large stores to take advantage of the carefully priced programs.

In this context, the Canal E team contacted German Romerogeneral director of the Córdoba Warehouse Center, who spoke about the reality of consumers and the situation of local businesses

Local businesses in crisis

“We are going through a very delicate moment.“We are closing statistics that show us that inflation was 11% and food moved above average,” said the expert.

“We are warning that people’s food quality is falling, families have already put aside second brands and they are putting off protein”Romero said. “There are also cuts in intake,” he added.

Likewise, the interviewee said that 9 out of 10 families are financing their food purchases with credit cards or by ordering money.. “The new poor are not cared for by the State”he added.

Finally, Romero said that grocers are in a great crisis because the increases are constant. “It is becoming very difficult for businesses that rent but luckily there are no massive closures yet.”, he concluded.

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