‘Groningen Airport Eelde does not have to cancel flights’

Groningen Airport Eelde does not have to create flights, because the airport’s nature permit is in order. That is the opinion of Minister Carola Schouten of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

Two parties objected to the flights, reports RTV Drenthe. These are the Mobilization for the Environment (MOB) cooperative and the Eelde Airport Residents Association (VOLE). They argued, among other things, that the airport contributed too much to nitrogen emissions, and that the number of flights was higher than stipulated in the nature permit.

Old permit still applies

According to the minister, an old nature permit is still valid. This was issued by the province of Groningen on the basis of the Nature Conservation Act 1998. It contains the number of flights that were carried out at that time, but also additional flights that would be added due to the extension of the runway.

A new law came into force in 2017. It states that old permits remain valid. That is why the minister does not consider it necessary to intervene and the number of flights at Groningen Airport Eelde does not have to decrease.

Old flight schedule

The objection to the GAE flights was filed in September last year. At that time there were regular services with London and Copenhagen. These have now expired, but that is separate from the Minister’s decision. A new regular service would therefore again be permitted with the current nature permit.

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