Grosjean is saved from the flames in a terrible accident

Romain Grosjean he was born again in Bahrain. The French Haas driver suffered a spectacular accident on the first lap of the GP of Bahrain F1, in which your car is crashed against the fences and I know fire. Fortunately, the Frenchman came out alive, with burns on his hands and ankles. Lewis Hamilton won the race, which was overshadowed by the attempt of tragedy.

He brutal accident it took place as soon as the race started. Grosjean started penultimate and when he reached turn 3 of the Sakhir circuit he had a touch with the Alpha Tauri of Kvyat. His Haas was thrown against the protective fences and just collided the car burned.

From the accident arose a big ball of fire which forced the FIA ​​stewards to interrupt the race with a red flag. The car was split in two. For a few seconds the French pilot did not appear. The images captured him jumping the guardrail, in principle in good condition, safe. The stewards completed the rescue in 27 seconds.

Half the carbonized Haas


Thanks to the car’s halo (the head protection visor) and the fire retardant overalls, and the quick intervention of the FIA ​​medical car, the Frenchman saved his life. But mostly it was determinant what Grosjean did not lose consciousness, stayed conscious, and he was able to react very quickly by unbuckling his seat belt and exiting the monocoque.

The images of the rescue show how when the medical car came to help him, Grosjean by his own foot had already left the security cell and was preparing to jump the fence. Leaning his hands on the guardrail to jump produced the Burns. He jumped up and got help from the medic car.

The story of the pilot of the medical car

“In 12 years we have never seen so much fire in an impact like that. I’m sure it was only a second or so, but it felt like an eternity. Then Romain started to get out of the car on his own foot “

Alan van der Merwe, pilot of the medical car, commented: “In 12 years we have never seen so much fire in an impact like that. It only took us a little time to process what was happening. I’m sure it was only a second or so, but it felt like an eternity. Then Romain started to get out of the car by his own foot”.

The race was suspended momentarily waiting for the protection fence to be repaired. It was resumed an hour and a quarter after the accident, with Lewis Hamilton starting in first position.

Second incident in a row

On the second outing, Stroll’s Racing Point flipped over and was turned upside down when Kvyat touched it

Right on the second exit, el Racing Point de Lance Strol l gave a spectacular turn, was face down, after touching the Canadian with the Russian Daniil Kvyat. The Racing Point driver had to go to cats of the car lying down. “I’m fine, just hanging upside downStroll said over the radio.

Sakhir (Bahrain), 29/11/2020.- Canadian Formula One driver Lance Stroll of BWT Racing Point crashes during the Formula One Grand of Bahrain on the Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir, Bahrain 29 November 2020. (Fórmula Uno, Bahrein) EFE/EPA/Giuseppe Cacace / Pool

Lance Stroll upside down

Pool / EFE

Another for Hamilton

The Englishman claimed victory, the 11th of the championship, against Verstappen and Albon

After the scare of Stroll, the race continued without further mishaps. Lewis Hamilton he dominated from start to finish, with no one to bother him. Max Verstappen tied the second position and his partner Alexander Albon he climbed to the third drawer of the podium, second of his career.

One more disaster for Valtteri Bottas, which dropped from 4th to 16th at the restart due to a puncture that forced him to go through the pits. The Finn finished eighth and he is still 2nd in the Drivers’ World Championship.

Meritorious 5th place of Carlos Sainz, leaving the 15th of grill. The Madrid native was very solid starting with soft tires, which allowed him to gain positions to Gasly, Ricciardo and Leclerc at the beginning.

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