“Growing Number of Anaphylactic Deaths Sheds Light on Tonsil Surgery Risks for Young Patients”

2023-04-19 17:15:00

17-year-old Alexandra Briess died on the operating table while having her tonsils removed.

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Alexandra had an appointment to have her tonsils removed at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading on May 30, 2021. But she never woke up from the operating table. In question, anesthesia.

Indeed, she had an allergic reaction to the anesthetic product, causing cardiac arrest. “This tragic loss once again sheds a powerful light on the growing number of young people being killed by anaphylaxis,” said Tanya Ednan-Laperouse, co-founder of an allergy research foundation.

According to the NHS, hospital admissions for anaphylactic shock in adults increased from 3,751 to 4,756 from 2019 to 2020 in England.

This condition, which is most commonly triggered by insect bites, medications and foods, kills about 10% of people who experience it. According to a French doctor Pascal Demoly, pneumo-allergologist at Montpellier University Hospital, “anaphylactic shock is an unpredictable reaction that can kill in 5 to 30 minutes if not treated immediately”.


Since this tragedy, medical examiner Heidi Connor has been campaigning for more funds for research in this area. “More people are at risk of dying,” she said. “The only way to improve understanding and prevent or reduce future deaths is to gather information nationally and fund appropriate research. »

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