Growl will no longer notify on Mac

It’s over for Growl, this small utility from the early 2000s which brought the principle of app notifications to macOS.

Its developer Explain that between the new ARM hardware architecture, the absence of ideas to develop the functions of the software and the presence of a notification system integrated for several years in macOS, there is no more reasons valid for trying to keep Growl going further.

Born 17 years ago, this software allowed applications to go through it to display notifications to the user, with a lot of options for the presentation of these small alerts. Initially, its author had thought of baptizing it ” Global Notifications Center “But had judged the name too” geek “. This was long before Mountain Lion brought its own ” Notification center ».

The Growl API was used by a plethora of applications, shareware and freeware often, but not only. There had been a way to use it for Mail or iTunes notifications through third-party applications. Others had adopted it in a completely official way, like Firefox, Thunderbird, Evernote, Spotify and even Adobe, in 2010, of a a little cavalier.

11 years ago we worried about knowing if these visual alerts did not have a negative impact on productivity, it is a debate that has not died down since …


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