Gruesome Discovery: Two Women Found Murdered in Comas, Peru in Connection to Human Trafficking and Organized Crime Network

2023-06-01 00:47:27

His remains were found on the morning of Friday, May 26, after residents of the area notified the authorities. Both would have been victims of a human trafficking network for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

Police agents carried out rescue work to recover the bodies of the two women murdered in Comas. Video: Municipality of Comas

During the recognition of the scene, forensic experts found four bullet casings and blood stains. Police from the Emergency Division (Diveme) supported the rescue of the bodies, approaching them with stretchers and harnesses so as not to fall.

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At the time of the removal of the body of the minor under 15 years of age, her identity was not yet known and she was reported as NN. Hours later, the police determined her name after recognizing a rose tattoo on one of her arms.

Area where the bodies were located.  Photo: PNP

Area where the bodies were located. Photo: PNP

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Although the relationship between the two has not been detailed, Trade He found that on social networks they had photos together. Bellorín Muñoz recognized the minor as a daughter of affection.

Bellorín Muñoz in networks.

Bellorín Muñoz in networks.

Arrested in sight

Agents from the Homicide Investigation Division began their field work quickly, thus finding the identity of a Venezuelan man known as ‘Chacal’, Adorfredo Alberto García Sanchez (28). This would have participated in the act of blood.

With him, Robert Luis Eduardo Urbina Vielma (23) also fell. Both would be part of the criminal gang ‘Cota 95’, a faction of the Tren del Aragua, an international criminal organization dedicated to human trafficking, illicit drug trafficking, extortion, hit men, among other related crimes.

One of the methods of attracting these networks begins with the promise of the supposed ‘job’. Criminals identify women in Venezuela, Colombia or other countries to transfer them to Peru. Once here, they are told that they must pay S/ 15,000 soles for the trip and lodging.

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“That debt becomes unpayable”, said Colonel PNP Luis Jesús Flores Solís, head of the Criminal Investigation Directorate (Dirincri). He added that, sometimes, when they find themselves unable to make the required payment, they are subjected to illicit drug trafficking and extortion.

Colonel PNP Luis Jesús Flores Solís, head of the Criminal Investigation Directorate (Dirincri).  Photo: Britanie Arroyo Duenas

Colonel PNP Luis Jesús Flores Solís, head of the Criminal Investigation Directorate (Dirincri). Photo: Britanie Arroyo Duenas


“The criminals, of Venezuelan nationality, were captured in possession of a Toyota Yaris vehicle with a V2R012 license plate. The same one they used to mobilize and carry out the execrable murder.”declared General PNP Luis Flores, head of the Dirincri.

Confused, with broken words and a low voice, this is how the thugs presented themselves before the first interrogation, after being arrested. Both denied having a criminal record in Venezuela, also having killed someone or having participated in the crime. As the questions passed, they provided details, accepting that in one way or another they did know the victims.

Urbina Vielma
Urbina Vielma’s first confession after her arrest. Video: PNP

“I met the skinny girl partying, here, in Lurigancho”Urbina Vielma stated some time later, before the head of the Homicide Investigation Division. This subject, according to information provided by the PNP, has an arrest warrant in Venezuela for the crime of aggravated robbery and use of a firearm. Also, he has a record for generic theft.

Urbina Vielma II
Urbina Vielma’s confession where it falls in contradiction with her first alibi. Video: PNP

Initially, the alleged hitman stated that the last time he saw the victim, whom he recognizes as Samantha, a woman with a thin build – it is not known exactly which of the two women she is – was on Wednesday. However, in a second intervention he explained that it was on Sunday, falling into contradiction. It should be noted that for that day, the bodies of the women had already been found and lifted from the place.

Garcia Sanchez |  first manifestation
First manifestation of García Sánchez before the police authorities. He denied having a criminal record. Video: PNP

García Sánchez (28), has a record for the crime of illegal possession of narcotics. He explained that he carried out a “taxi” service for two Venezuelans with weapons, who were accompanied by a woman, the group was heading to San Juan de Lurigancho.

García Sánchez |Second demonstration
García Sánchez tells details of the transfer he made under the supposed “taxi” service. Video: PNP

The networks behind the crime

It is known, from official sources, that the motive for the homicides is human trafficking and the dispute for the supremacy of power over the place of crime in sectors such as Risso, in Lince; Jirón Cepita, Cercado de Lima; Northern Cone; Ceres; Saint John of Miraflores.

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Said ‘war’ has two international leaders from Venezuela, who also seek to seize power in the criminal field of extortion, kidnapping, hit men, illicit drug trafficking, arms distribution, among others.

Luis José Rodríguez, alias 'Mamera'.  Photo: PNP

Luis José Rodríguez, alias ‘Mamera’. Photo: PNP

They have been identified as Luis José Rodríguez, alias ‘Mamera’ and Héctor Alfonso Prieto Materano, (a) ‘Mamut’, the latter is being held in the Challapalca prison, while the former would be in Colombia giving orders to his armed forces. criminals in Peru.

Hector Alfonso Prieto Materano, (a) 'Mammoth'.  Photo: PNP

Hector Alfonso Prieto Materano, (a) ‘Mammoth’. Photo: PNP

‘Mamut’ served his sentence in the Tocorón prison, located in the state of Aragua, Venezuela. Said center is considered one of the main places from which the international criminal gang ‘El tren del Aragua’ operates, since Héctor Rusthenford Guerrero Flores, alias ‘Niño Guerrero’, leader of the organization, is also being held. He himself would have ordered the arrival of the thug in Peru.

“The criminal gangs that come from the Tren de Aragua such as Los Gallegos, La Cota 95, Los Hijos de Dios, La Dinastía Alayón, are factions that are somehow involved in different illegal acts”added Colonel PNP Luis Jesús Flores Solís.

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