“Grupo Firme’s Controversial Chicago Performance Goes Viral: Singer Falls From Stage”

2023-05-30 03:55:00

firm group continues to break records, this weekend they performed at the Sofi Stadium, being the only Mexican group to perform twice in a row at the venue, this as part of their tour of the United States, where an incident occurred that is going viral.

He was the controversial vocalist of the group, Eduin Casewho starred in a moment that was immortalized in a videobecause during a presentation in Chicagodecided it was a good time to throw yourself into the public.

Eduin Caz took flight and launched himself, however, the public’s reaction was not what he expected because instead of uniting and supporting him, they separated and the singer fell to the ground.

Despite falling from a few meters high, the leader of Grupo Firme rejoined in a few seconds and returned to the stage, continuing to perform his hits and even sending kisses to the fans who attended the Dreams Festival.

The various videos circulating on social networks about Eduin’s fall divided opinions with the band’s fans, as some were upset because They did not capture the famous for being on the cell phoneand probably wouldn’t do it again.

In this regard, Eduin Caz has not spoken or given statements, and on his Instagram account he has only uploaded stories thanking the Chicago public for going to see them.

During the Dream Festivalwhich took place this weekend (May 27 and 28), Junior H, Ozuna, J Balvin, Wisin y Yandel, Becky G, Arcángel, Chenco Corleone, among others, also performed.

Fall of Ilse de Flans

This type of falls has been experienced by other singers such as Ilse from the famous group Flange, who he was too confident and without further ado he launched himself into the public.

It was through Instagram, as well as on other social networks, where the fall went viral.

Like a true rockstar, the member of Flans, Ilse, was interpreting the song “A cada paso” when she suddenly launched herself into an audience that had their hands raised to play her.

However, the public did not support her and fell against the seats. Although he got up as quickly as possible, the moment was captured in video.


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