GTA 5: He becomes a billionaire on GTA Online after 18,340 hours of play, all the details!

Game News GTA 5: He becomes a billionaire on GTA Online after 18,340 hours of play, all the details!

On the program for this daily on September 29, PlayStation finally dates its loyalty program. Then, a player becomes a billionaire on GTA Online and an artificial intelligence creates particular Pokémon. The daily, here we go!

A player becomes a billionaire in GTA online

In recent days, you have heard a lot about the game of Rockstar. But today is GTA Online that we are going to talk about. The game is still very popular, thanks in particular to the multitude of possibilities it offers. As in real life, you need money that can be obtained in the game, but also with real money by buying shark cards. This is the feat of the player Jamcar 70 who became a billionaire without ever buying shark Cards. It took him 2 years to harvest everything and reach a level of 1030. He would have amassed money in particular thanks to his nightclub business.

PlayStation finally dates its loyalty program

PlayStation announced its loyalty program with PlayStation Stars, with the aim of rewarding the most loyal players with 100% digital rewards. The rewards are loyalty points and digital collectibles, which are not NFTs. Members of the Stars program can collect the rewards by completing different kinds of more or less complicated objectives. VSThe system has already been available in Asia since today and will then be exported on October 5 to the United States and on October 13 to Europe and Australia. The service is completely free and accessible via the PlayStation application.

Artificial intelligence creates Pokémon

Artificial intelligence is a technological sector that mobilizes the most research. In everyday life, it is: in cybersecurity, in online recommendations for our purchases, with personalized digital assistants or even with automatic translators. Right now we’re talking Dall-E or MidJourney which allow you to create images based on keywords and other visual descriptions. Here, it is LambdaLabsML which transforms the requests into Pokémon. We could have Obama, Trump, Totoro or Hello Kitty.

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