GTA 5: Squid Game, the Netflix phenomenon, floods GTA Online servers

Game News GTA 5: Squid Game, the Netflix phenomenon, floods GTA Online servers

It is certainly the series that is the most talked about at the moment. Squid Game, the new flagship of the Netflix catalog straight from South Korea, is a real tidal wave which, little by little, is breaking down the barriers between cinema and video games. The proof: the servers of Grand Theft Auto Online are taken by storm by players who are fans of the series.

Since the media boom around the series, the video game is more and more contaminated by tributes in connection with the last Netflix production. The one that they say he could benefit from your own video game invites itself, in the meantime, in the productions of other studios, Grand Theft Auto V of Rockstar in the lead.

Very briefly, Squid Game features people willing to risk their lives in the hope of extricating themselves from the miserable daily life in which they are trapped. This simple idea gives life in the series to a bunch of sadistic trials, each of which tries to survive alive. A sociopathic aspect that fits perfectly with the decadent and outrageous sandbox imagined by the Rockstar studio.

The possibilities offered by the open world of Grand Theft Auto V and, more specifically, GTA Online’s community servers have given players ideas. Thus, a good number of users of FiveM, a multiplayer modification that allows entry into servers personalities of Grand Theft Auto V, have recreated macabre activities taken from the Netflix series.

Among the multitude of reproductions, we find the famous “one, two, three sun (Red Light, Green Light)” of episode 1 which, this time, takes the form of avatars of players, aligned on the highway, who follow the instructions of a player under the supervision of other people ready to shoot at the slightest misstep.

The tribute does not stop there since we can also find a reproduction of certain elements and sets of the series such as the terrifying robot doll, symbol of the series, the labyrinthine dormitory of the competitors or the set of glass springboards. Having become extremely popular in the space of a few days, it is very likely that Squid Game will be exported to other games as well: Minecraft may be ?

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