GTA Online: free t-shirt, motorcycle and Dinka Jester RR to win and more for this special biker week

Following the introduction of the Karin Previon last week, Grand Theft Auto Online in principle finished with l’arc Tuning in Los Santos for the moment. It therefore returns to very traditional considerations from this Thursday, for a week dedicated to bikers. In the program, un tee-shirt Blaine County Radio free for owners of a Biker HQ, from GTA$ and RP doubled in some modes and even tripled in Bye, a Principe Lectro to win at the casino, or promotions on items from bikers.

The tuning is not very far, because it is still possible to win a Dinka Jester RR by finishing in the top 3 of Street racing events for five days in a row, and three cars to approach on the test track.

Bikers from all walks of life are in the spotlight this week

Rebels running criminal enterprises will be able to make their fortunes their own way: Until September 22, complete Biker Selling Missions for your Counterfeit Paper Factory, Counterfeit Factory, or Cannabis Farm to earn Double GTA $ . In addition, the restocking of biker production sites is half the price, which means that your accountant will have his work cut out for him.

All rider HQ owners will receive a Blaine County Radio t-shirt, the perfect uniform for churning out conspiracy theories while sipping beers in a seedy bar, within 72 hours of their arrival. connection after September 27.

GTA $ and RP triplets in Hasta La Vista

It is dangerous to cycle through the streets of Los Santos. Sometimes it feels like the motorists want to hurt us. And sometimes it’s not just an impression. The proof: in the Hasta La Vista rivalry mode, cyclists must outrun one or two trucks which chase them relentlessly and escape their attacks. There are only two ways out: survive, or end up in mush on the side of the road. Either way, players who participate in Hasta La Vista will walk away with tripled GTA $ and RP all week.

Double GTA $ and RP in two-wheel races

If you’re more into donning a neoprene aero gear and quenching your thirst for competition, all two-wheeler races are earning double GTA $ and RP this week.

Auto show award vehicle: the Dinka Jester RR

Dedicated LS Auto Show members who finish in the top 3 Street Racing Events for five days in a row will receive the evil Dinka Jester RR. From then on, you will be free to modify it according to your own tastes and specifications.

On the test track: Annis ZR350, Vapid Dominator GTT and Karin Calico GTF

Take a ride on the LS Auto Show test track and get behind the wheel of the Annis ZR350, Vapid Dominator GTT or Karin Calico GTF to see what they’re worth in a rush or in a against the clock, or just to see how they do on the track, for free.

On the podium: the Lectro Principle

Meet in the lobby of the Diamond Casino & Hotel to witness a tribute to two-wheelers. In addition to GTA $, clothing, snacks, RP, and mystery rewards, anyone who throws the Wheel of Fortune will have a chance to take home the Principe Lectro, a nimble little bike begging for nothing. to take off.


Head over to the Pedal and Metal Cycles site on your iFruit to do the deal of the century: all bikes are free this week. If you feel more comfortable on four wheels, you can also take advantage of a few offers. Check out the full list of promotions below.

Budding Bikers will be able to purchase a Biker HQ (and upgrade as they see fit) at -40%. Meanwhile, the replenishment costs for all Biker Sell Missions are halved. This also applies to the costs of cannabis farms, counterfeit paper factories and counterfeit money factories as well as their upgrades and modifications.

Vehicle promotions:

  • -30% on the Vulcar Warrener HKR;
  • -40% on the Shitzu Hakuchou drag;
  • -40% on the Pegassi Vortex;
  • -40% on the MTL Dune;
  • -40% on the Maxwell Vagrant.

And as recently announced, some GTA Online activities will continue to cease to make room for future updates, as well as to facilitate matchmaking between players. These activities will follow in rotations as we add content.

Prime Gaming Bonuses and Benefits

Link your Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts to receive a GTA $ 100,000 bonus just for playing GTA Online this week.

Prime Gaming subscribers will also benefit from exclusive promotions, including -35% on the Obey Tailgater S and a super -80% promo on the Vapid Flash GT.

For latecomers, GTA V – Édition Premium is available from € 19.99 on


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