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Game news GTA Online: New Vehicle, Double Rewards and Promotions

Like every week, the time has come to present you the weekly novelties that integrate the online mode of GTA V. On the program: the Vetir, double rewards in the Diamond Rivalry Trials, triple rewards in the COM missions, and the usual promotions.

From now in GTA Online, the Winter is now available from Warstock Cache & Carry. The military truck featured in the Cayo Perico heist is currently priced at GTA $ 1,630,000. On the bonus side, you will have to go to the Diamond rivalry events in order to get your hands on doubled rewards. Note that they are tripled in the mobile operations missions if you prefer armed vehicles. Finally, if you complete the final phase of the Cayo Perico Heist, you will receive the luxurious Santo Capra patterned sweater.

A treasure hunt is also launched : Those who manage to find 10 trunks hidden in the seabed will be entitled to no less than 100,000 GTA $ next week. You will then have to board an Avisa or a Toreador, or simply use the diving equipment supplied with the Kosatka to begin your research.

GTA Online: New Vehicle, Double Rewards and Promotions

On the wheel of fortune podium, in the lobby of the Diamond Casino & Hôte, it’s a Grotti Cheetah classic that awaits you, an elegant Italian and “graceful as a gazelle on steroidsAnd as usual, you can also try to win GTA $, RP, clothing, and mystery rewards.


  • -25% Sous-marin Killer whale
  • -25% Improvements, modifications and customization options of the Kosatka
  • -40% Mobile operations centers
  • -30% Workshop of vehicles and weapons of the COM
  • -40% Cargobob
  • -30 % Nagasaki Stryder
  • -30 % Ocelot Ardent
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