GTA, Red Dead and NBA 2K Online ‘already the best metaverse’ for Take-Two boss

Strauss Zelnick has been skeptical of projects like Meta, although he is enthusiastic about NFTs.

The recent renaming from Facebook to Meta has put on everyone’s lips metaverse concept. Although it is an idea that different companies have been raising for a long time, the ambitious bet of Mark Zuckerberg seems to have sped things up, and companies like Microsoft they also seem to be giving steps in that direction.

Strauss Zelnick, CEO de Take-Two, it has always been shown skeptical and Zuckerberg’s announcement have led him to make a series of statements to Gamesindustry, where it has reaffirmed its rejection. Zelnick wanted to narrow down the term ‘metaverse’, rejecting the idea of transport everything we do in the world physical to digital.

Zelnick has defined himself as a ‘great believer’ of the NFTs“However, if we define metaverse as an attractive digital landscape where you represent yourself with an avatar, where you can talk and hang out with people, where you can bike, surf, drive, compete, tell stories and receive them, have events in alive, sit at a casino table, then we already have metaverses here at Take-Two, and the best and most great metavers that exist with GTA Online, Red Dead Online and the online version of NBA 2K“, sentenced Zelnick.

The Take-Two CEO has also spoken about his vision of the growing NFT and unlike his skepticism with the metaverse, he considers himself a “great believer” with regard to NFTs, although he does not believe that all NFTs will have a value simply because they are, nor that they will increase in the future. Zelnick sees a problem in their relationship with him. blockchain and the high prices that some have reached, creating an image of safe and speculative value that Zelnick doesn’t share. Definitely NFTs are going through future plans from many of the largest companies in the industry.

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