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GTA VI much more serious than its predecessor?

Rockstar Games continues to make a big secret around GTA VIwho are obviously in no hurry with the game. Instead, a former co-founder is now chatting about the sequel, which has not yet been confirmed, and gives an interesting assessment.

Jamie King, who no longer works at Rockstar Games and can therefore not speak directly at first hand, was asked about this. Still, he has a presumption that the direction of GTA VI will change significantly “Less funny” and therefore more serious. King speaks Literally from “less edgy and funny”. This is what he mainly refers to Red Dead Redemption 2 and the Rockstar Games whose style will be maintained, where more serious and adult subjects are in the foreground.

GTA formula is retained

In general, he thinks it will still be a GTA-Being a game whose formula Rockstar Games is unlikely to change much. Games are also evolving, however, and the would-be gangster demeanor of the earlier games doesn’t fit in with our times. You already have that in GTA V can see that they have clearly distanced themselves from it.

Whether or not this assessment will come true will be seen when Rockstar Games announces the game at some point. Currently alive GTA VI only of rumors and wild speculations that keep popping up. These already included possible stories, characters, locations, a chaotic development, a restart and much more.

Most recently it was believed that the release 2024 at the earliestif not expected later. Until then, must continue GTA V and GTA Online Serve, which will appear again in 2022 for the current consoles.

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