Guanajuato health personnel under total infection

Guanajuato remains on the Orange Traffic Light, but is nowhere from turning Red. Photo: Andrés Guardiola

LEON, Guanajuato

While the Guanajuato medical staff has received an alert from the Health Secretary highlighting that a large part of his colleagues has already been infected by Covid-19, the population continues on the streets, without a healthy distance and without a mask.

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For now Guanajuato remains at the Orange Traffic Light, but it is nowhere near turning Red.

The alarm of the Health Secretary It is in that only two of 13 coronavirus samples made to medical personnel in the last review, were negative. In other words, almost all workers are infected.

“Dear colleagues, this week, of all the samples that were taken from the staff. On average 13. There were only 2 negative results. All the others have tested positive. So I reiterate the importance of promoting and abiding by covid prevention measures. Correct use of face masks at all times, hand hygiene, frequent cleaning and disinfection of your work areas, maintaining a healthy distance, etc. If it continues in this way, we will be affected in the operation of the services with so many infected personnel “, reads the memorandum distributed among public health workers.

The Ministry of Health informed the public that the number of people under 10 years of age infected with coronavirus has increased. So out of 1,198 infections on the first day of November, they add up to 1,401, 30 days later.

In the same way, the first three days of December, 1,432 cases were reported, that is, an increase of 19.5 percent, from November 1 to December 3.

The municipal governments of the entire entity, especially those of San Miguel de Allende, Irapuato, León and Silao have intensified their campaigns and measures against the pandemic,

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In contrast, in Salamanca, its morenista mayor Beatriz Hernández Cruz, recently recovered from coronavirus, has walked in the local markets without a mask. Citizen criticism has not made a dent.

In the city of Guanajuato, the administration of the PAN Alejandro Navarro has allowed crowds without healthy distance in the downtown area, seeking the benefit of the tourism sector, but in the wrong way.

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