Guangxin’s net profit will increase by 151% in 2021, with significant progress in transformation and upgrading jqknews

On the evening of April 27th,Guangxin Co., Ltd.Disclosed the 2021 annual report, achieving revenue of 5.55 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 63.12%;net profit1.48 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 151.28%.

During the reporting period, relying on its own phosgene resources, product scale and integrated industrial chain advantages, the company takes safety first and environmental protection first as its values, and takes innovation and product quality as its foundation. Prolific production and fast sales, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement have not only maintained steady and upward development, but also achieved remarkable progress in corporate transformation and upgrading.

During the reporting period, the company has opened up the ionic membrane caustic soda technology upstream of phosgene from the source of the industry chain, and the layout of the ionic membrane caustic soda plant has been completed. In addition to 100,000 tons of p-(o-nitrochlorobenzene), the company’s 100,000-ton project of p-(o-)nitrochlorobenzene has been in normal production. In terms of p-nitrochlorobenzene, the company can extend to downstream p-nitrophenol , p-aminophenol, 3,4-dichloroaniline (the core raw material of the company’s diuron products), etc.; the company has extended o-nitrochlorobenzene to o-phenylenediamine, and downstream production of carbendazim, methyl sulfide Bendazim. In addition, o-phenylenediamine can continue to deploy downstream pharmaceuticals, dye intermediates, etc. The company currently has phosgene downstream intermediates, and can gradually deploy pesticide products downward, and can also deploy acid chloride series products and isocyanate series products in the future.

  Guangxin Co., Ltd.Said that in the future, the company will focus on technological innovation on the one hand, carry out technological transformation of existing products, improve product quality and yield, and reduce production costs. At the same time, use phosgene resources to develop important intermediates for new pesticides, new drugs and new materials, adapt to new market demands, and form new profit growth points. On the other hand, the company will rely on the international market sales network to seek strategic cooperation opportunities with international pesticide companies, give full play to the advantages of phosgene resources, improve the technical content and added value of products, participate in international industry integration, and actively undertake international industrial transfer. In addition, through rational adjustment of the product structure, the company’s technology and management level will be promoted by leaps and bounds, and the company’s core ability to compete in domestic and foreign markets will be comprehensively improved.

(Article source: ShanghaisecuritiesNewspaper Chinasecuritiesnetwork)

Article source: Shanghai Securities News China Securities Network

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Original title: Shanghai Guangxin Co., Ltd.’s net profit in 2021 will increase by 151%, with significant progress in transformation and upgrading

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