Guangzhou Haizhu accurately divides 8,368 high-risk areas and encourages families to bring their own antigen kits

Nanfang Net News (Reporter/Huang Xiaoyin) On December 1, Guangzhou held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control. The reporter learned from the meeting that Guangzhou has conscientiously implemented the ninth edition of the prevention and control plan and optimized the “Twenty Measures” for epidemic prevention and control. All districts have successively lifted temporary control in light of their own actual conditions. Zhang Yi, deputy director of the Municipal Health and Health Commission, said that the relevant departments in Guangzhou are rushing to revise and issue relevant policies to restore normal production and living order as soon as possible. Citizens and friends are invited to pay attention to the authoritative announcements of relevant departments.

Combining the characteristics of the epidemic situation in different periods, Guangzhou continues to explore effective prevention and control strategies

It is reported that from 0 to 24:00 on November 30, there were 6,312 new local infections of the new coronavirus in Guangzhou. 61 cases were found in the society, and the rest were found in isolation observation, screening in high-risk areas, or testing of key personnel in closed-loop management. Among the new infections, 5629 were asymptomatic, 682 were mild and common, and 1 was severe. There were no critical patients. On the 30th, 8,139 cases were discharged from hospitals (cabins) in the city that day, and a total of 49,544 cases were discharged (cabins) in this round of epidemic.

Zhang Yi mentioned at the meeting that the current epidemic in Guangzhou is multi-point, multi-chain, and multi-regional, and the number of cases is still high. Most of the cases are still concentrated in Haizhu District. The co-existence of nature and the densely populated urban villages have always been the key areas for the spread of the epidemic, and the situation of epidemic prevention is still complicated and severe.

Guangzhou has always adhered to the people-centered approach, making steady progress in prevention and control work, continuously optimizing prevention and control policies, continuously strengthening the protection of key groups and vulnerable groups, and fully implementing the “epidemic must be prevented, the economy must be stable, and development must be safe.” In combination with the requirements of the epidemic situation in different periods, we will continue to explore effective prevention and control strategies applicable to Guangzhou.

Zhang Yi mentioned that in response to the current epidemic situation, Guangzhou has conscientiously implemented the ninth edition of the prevention and control plan and optimized the “Twenty Measures” for epidemic prevention and control, and further improved Guangzhou’s epidemic prevention and control measures. All districts have successively lifted the temporary management and control in light of their own actual conditions. Except for high-risk areas, public transportation such as buses and subways have been resumed in an orderly manner to minimize the inconvenience caused to the masses due to the epidemic. convoy.

Specifically, high-risk areas continue to implement prevention and control measures. For high-risk areas that meet the unblocking conditions, all should be resolved, and should be resolved quickly. On November 30, Guangzhou carried out risk research and judgment according to the results of nucleic acid testing and flow investigation. The city adjusted and added 283 new high-risk areas. This is a reflection of the “scientific and accurate delineation of high-risk areas” among the five measures announced yesterday. . All high-risk areas continue to implement the “stay at home, door-to-door service”, no new infections have been found for 5 consecutive days, and they have been reduced to low-risk areas. “Epidemic prevention and control is a holistic and systematic project. Control and unblocking are dynamically adjusted, and our prevention and control measures are also consistent.” Zhang Yi said.

Encourage families to bring their own antigen kits

Zhang Yi introduced that at present, Guangzhou adopts different nucleic acid testing strategies for different groups of people. According to the scope determined by the ninth edition of the prevention and control plan, carry out nucleic acid testing at the specified frequency for risk positions and key personnel, and carry out “landing inspection” for cross-provincial mobile personnel. According to the daily needs of citizens for travel, medical treatment, etc., the service guarantee of nucleic acid “on-demand testing” should be done well. Each district shall reasonably set up a certain number of convenient sampling points according to the actual situation such as population distribution and population density within the jurisdiction. Zhang Yi emphasized at the meeting that families are encouraged to prepare their own antigen kits.

At the same time, in key places such as elderly care institutions, welfare institutions, and maternal and child care service institutions, closed management will continue to be implemented in the near future, and health monitoring of staff and service objects will be carried out on a daily basis. Once an epidemic occurs, timely investigation and disposal will be carried out.

She said that according to the unified deployment of the national joint prevention and control mechanism, Guangzhou will continue to promote the vaccination of the new crown, and focus on the vaccination of the elderly by setting up green channels, temporary vaccination points, and mobile vaccination vehicles.

Zhang Yi said that at present, Guangzhou is further optimizing and improving prevention and control measures, and relevant departments are rushing to revise and issue relevant policies to restore normal production and living order as soon as possible. Citizens and friends are requested to pay attention to the authoritative announcements of relevant departments.

Haizhu District accurately divides 8,368 high-risk areas

On November 30, after Haizhu further optimized the prevention and control measures, a large number of high-risk and temporary control areas were unsealed. Fu Xiaochu, member of the Standing Committee of the Guangzhou Haizhu District Committee and executive deputy head of the district, gave an introduction on the key points of Haizhu’s prevention and control policies.

He introduced that yesterday (November 30) Haizhu District lifted all temporary control areas in the area; 66 high-risk areas in 13 streets including Ruibao and Nanshitou were adjusted to low-risk areas; Kanglu, Houjiao, and Taichong High-risk areas such as high-risk areas are re-delineated as high-risk areas by units and buildings. At present, there are 8,368 high-risk areas in the region, and the remaining areas are managed as low-risk areas.

In terms of strengthening management, water barriers and warning lines are used according to local conditions to separate high-risk buildings, and high-risk area signs are posted in eye-catching positions, and staff are on duty 24 hours a day. Give full play to the advantages of community neighbors such as building leaders and resident representatives, carry out epidemic information publicity, watch and help each other, and fight the epidemic together. Fu Xiaochu said that on the 1st, Haizhu District continued to implement control measures, requiring those who have not yet been transferred to test positive for nucleic acid not to leave privately, avoid contact with others, and cause social transmission risks.

In terms of guaranteeing daily necessities, Haizhu District has organized more than 10 large-scale fresh food e-commerce companies to optimize the shelf categories and ordering process in high-risk areas, especially urban villages, and increase the support of distribution forces to ensure the continuous supply of daily necessities for the masses. , keep on file, not out of stock, and at the same time increase the strength of terminal distribution.

In terms of medical security, adjust the situation according to the high-risk areas and strengthen the medical security force. Optimize the establishment of 46 medical security points, 55 ambulances, 382 medical staff, 135 medical security hotlines on duty and online services, and designate 4 tertiary hospitals as designated hospitals for treatment. At the same time, a district-level emergency rescue team has been established to smooth the green channel for referral to major hospitals.

In addition, Haizhu District dynamically checked the number of special populations in high-risk areas. At present, 34,700 special groups such as the elderly, young children, pregnant women, and patients with chronic diseases have been registered. Provide services by classification and classification. For pregnant women, the Second Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, the Municipal Red Society Hospital, Zhujiang Hospital, and the District Maternal and Child Health Care Center will provide medical insurance according to classification, and set up a 24-hour maternal medical service line to provide health and psychological consultation services during pregnancy; The District Health Center arranges pediatric experts to provide video consultation services; for the elderly and patients with chronic diseases, the resident doctors provide health management and medication guidance.

Citizens and friends in high-risk areas can also place orders through the online platform for other medication needs. At present, each high-risk area has been equipped with a strong drug delivery team according to the number of resident populations. Volunteers work in 24-hour shifts, and the efficiency of door-to-door drug delivery will be further improved.

It is recommended that the elderly keep warm to prevent infection of respiratory diseases

Unblocking does not solve “defense”. Zhang Zhoubin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said at the meeting that lifting the management of the temporary control areas in each district is a concrete measure to resolutely implement the country’s twenty measures to optimize epidemic prevention and control. Inconvenience. In the face of new situations and new tasks, in general, higher requirements are put forward for epidemic prevention and control, which requires more scientific testing and more precise handling.

He introduced that for nucleic acid testing, not carrying out nucleic acid testing for all employees according to administrative regions does not mean that nucleic acid testing is not carried out, but is optimized to: carry out fixed-frequency testing for risk positions and key groups of people; carry out sampling testing for key institutions; Carry out convenience testing for citizens in need of work and life.

For emergency response, more emphasis is placed on accuracy on the basis of rapid flow adjustment. For example, the screening of close contacts is more inclined to people who have close contact and higher risk of infection, such as people who eat, live, work, entertain, travel and chat with each other. The delineation of risk areas also requires comprehensive consideration of transmission risks. In principle, units and buildings with the same entrance and exit are used as units to accurately delineate high-risk areas. The purpose is to improve the conversion efficiency of flow adjustment results, realize fast turnaround, fast tube, fast sealing and fast release, and minimize the impact of the epidemic on production and life.

The weather is turning cold, and it has come to the season of high incidence of common respiratory diseases. Zhang Zhoubin reminded the elderly to keep warm, not to catch cold, and to wear masks when going out to reduce unnecessary infections.

Many respiratory infections are effectively preventable, he said. At present, free vaccination of influenza vaccines for the elderly over 65 years of age in Guangzhou is underway, and everyone can get vaccinated on demand; simultaneous vaccination of pneumonia vaccine can also effectively prevent pneumonia caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae.

He reminded elderly friends who have not been vaccinated against the new coronavirus vaccine in time to get vaccinated in time; those who have completed the second dose of vaccination for more than 3 months should complete the booster immunization in time.

Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission takes multiple measures to promote economic development

How does the Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission promote economic development while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control? Chen Xu, deputy director of the Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission, introduced that since the beginning of this year, Guangzhou has resolutely implemented the important requirements of “preventing the epidemic, stabilizing the economy, and ensuring safe development”, effectively coordinating the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic and social development, and has successively issued dual policies. Coordinate 30 measures, 152 measures to stabilize the economy and 99 follow-up measures. At the same time, for key areas such as the service industry that is greatly affected by the epidemic, and financial support for the development of the real economy, corresponding special policy measures will be introduced in a timely manner to fight the epidemic and stabilize the economy. combined punches.

He specifically introduced that Guangzhou City has made great efforts to increase support for market entities. From January to October, the city’s taxation departments have handled a total of more than 90 billion yuan in new tax reductions and fee reductions and tax refunds. 58 billion yuan, benefiting 45,000 taxpayers. At the same time, increase support for the real economy and maintain the momentum of industrial production recovery. From January to October, the city’s industrial added value above designated size increased by 4.2%, and industrial investment increased by 13.4%. In terms of increasing the protection of people’s livelihood, Guangzhou has expanded the scope of temporary price subsidies. From January to October, a total of 48.39 million yuan of temporary price subsidies have been issued, benefiting 746,000 people in need.

Chen Xu said that in the future, while continuing to prevent and control the epidemic, Guangzhou will go all out to promote economic recovery and development, focusing on related work. Weaving a security net for work resumption and production resumption. Strengthen enterprise services and support enterprises in the city that meet the conditions for resuming work and production to “recover as much as possible” and “recover as much as possible”. At the same time, we will further increase the implementation of a package of national, provincial and municipal economic stabilization policies and follow-up measures, and do a good job in bailing out difficult industries such as transportation, culture, sports, entertainment, accommodation and catering, so as to secure the bottom line of basic people’s livelihood. He also emphasized that it is necessary to give full play to the driving role of major project construction in economic development, coordinate and solve problems in project construction in a timely manner, ensure essential elements, promote early start and fast construction of projects, and lay a solid foundation for the city’s high-quality development.

In the first 10 months of this year, 96.6% of the annual plan for the “Siege of the City” project in Qianyu City, Guangzhou was completed

It is reported that since the beginning of this year, Guangzhou City has implemented the major project “siege the city and pull out the village” in depth. From January to October, 1,654 cities’ “siege of cities and villages” projects completed an investment of 505.1 billion yuan, completing 96.6% of the annual plan, 13.3 percentage points more than the timing progress, and played a ballast role in stabilizing the city’s economic market.

Specifically, Guangzhou City highlights the improvement of the city’s energy level and makes every effort to strengthen the construction of major hub facilities. The construction of the main project of the third-phase expansion of the airport has been accelerated, and the construction of 15 supporting resettlement areas has been fully started; the fourth-phase project of the Nansha Port Area of ​​Guangzhou Port, the near-ocean wharf and other projects have been put into use; The construction of subway lines is progressing smoothly.

Not only that, Guangzhou also highlights the establishment of the manufacturing industry and makes every effort to strengthen the construction of major industrial projects. Projects in the field of intelligent and new energy vehicles such as GAC Toyota’s fifth line and the second factory in Aian were completed and put into production; the “Strong Core and Bright Screen” project was further advanced, the construction of the third phase of Yuexin was launched, and the next-generation information technology projects such as CSOT T9 were successfully launched Produce.

In terms of making up for shortcomings in public services and accelerating the construction of people’s livelihood projects, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou) and the second phase of the Guangzhou International Campus of South China University of Technology have been put into use; the third phase of the Municipal Eighth People’s Hospital, the Municipal Red Cross The construction of projects such as the overall reconstruction and expansion of the Chest Hospital is progressing in an orderly manner, which has played a positive role in the prevention and control of the epidemic.

In addition, Guangzhou highlights precise dispatching services and makes every effort to ensure essential elements. Establish a municipal leading group for promoting stable investment in major projects, and set up a special team for ensuring the elements of parallel approval of major projects to improve the efficiency of project approval. Raise funds for project construction through multiple channels, and strive for support from special bonds and policy-based financial instruments. Make full use of the latest national policies and make every effort to ensure the land use of the project.

Chen Xu said that in the future, Guangzhou will make every effort to complete the construction tasks of major projects this year, plan major projects next year as soon as possible, and strive to promote the city’s economy to achieve effective improvement in quality and reasonable growth in quantity.

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