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Original title: Guangzhou Huadu: All social catering units suspend dine-in and closed entertainment venues. Source: CCTV News Client

The Office of the New Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Headquarters in Huadu District, Guangzhou issued a notice on strengthening the management and control of commercial commercial establishments on June 10. The contents of the notice are as follows:

HuaduDear residents and friends:

In order to effectively protect the health and life safety of the people and reduce the risk of spread of the epidemic caused by the gathering of people, after research,HuaduAreaDecided to further strengthen the management and control of commercial commercial establishments in the whole district, and the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

One,HuaduAll social catering service units (including food sales units that provide dine-in meals) in the district will temporarily suspend dine-in services.It can provide self-pick-up and take-out meal ordering services in the store, and can adopt independent private rooms (limited to 1 table per room, no more than 10 people per table, no table sharing) for individual guests. All gathering dining activities (including self-hosted banquets) are prohibited.

two,HuaduAreaUnit canteens (including canteens of government agencies, institutions, schools, factories, construction sites, enterprises, etc.) implement epidemic prevention measures such as temperature measurement, eating in batches and time periods, one-way sitting, and reasonable intervals.

three,HuaduAreaAirtight entertainment venues (cinema, theater, singing and dancing entertainment venues (KTV), Internet service venues, etc.) and airtight indoor areas of tourist attractions are temporarily closed.Public cultural venues (libraries, museums, cultural centers, art galleries) and outdoor parts of tourist attractions have a current limit of 50%. Commercial commercial premises must scan code (“passable health code”) to enter the venue, and implement preventive and control measures such as appointments, peak shifting, temperature measurement, and wearing masks. Before generating the exclusive “access health code” for this venue, it is necessary to complete the registration of the personnel information. For those who do not use smart communication equipment, their relatives or residential (village) committees, real estate service companies, etc. can declare and generate their own “health codes” on their behalf, print them and carry them with them, and scan the codes when they enter the premises.

four,HuaduAreaOperating commercial premises shall be thoroughly disinfected every day, maintain air circulation, and continue to do a good job of employee health monitoring. Strengthen the propaganda of epidemic prevention and control knowledge, and use display screens, speakers, radio and other tools during the business period to broadcast epidemic prevention and control knowledge and related requirements in access channels and business premises.

Fives,HuaduAreaCitizens must consciously abide by the national, provincial, municipal, and district epidemic prevention and control regulations, scientifically protect themselves, reduce personnel gathering, wear masks, wash hands frequently, take body temperature, maintain social distancing, and actively cooperate with the party committee and government to carry out the development. Epidemic prevention and control work.

6. It is advisable for citizens not to leave the ear or the province during the Dragon Boat Festival, but if they really need to leave or leave the province, they need to hold a certificate of negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours.HuaduDistrict party and government agencies, enterprises, institutions, schools, and travel agencies should take the lead in implementing the non-essential requirements of not leaving Guangzhou or leaving the province.

7. Individuals or units that fail to implement the above measures as required will be based on the “Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases”, “The Law of the People’s Republic of China on Public Security Administration Penalties”, “The People’s Republic of China on Emergency Response Law”, and “Regulations on Public Health Emergency Response “, strictly investigate its legal responsibility.

The above prevention and control measures are dynamically adjusted based on the results of the epidemic risk assessment. This notice will be implemented from the time it is issued.

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