Guardian Tales New Hero, God of Harvest, Kamael Appears

Kakao Games (CEO Nam Gung-Hun and Jo Gye-Hyun) announced on the 27th that they had updated the new unique hero ‘Kamael, God of Prosperity’ to the mobile RPG ‘Guardian Tales’ developed by Kong Studio (CEO Won).

The new hero, ‘Kamael, the god of good harvest’, is the god of fertility with the power of the earth and life, and has the destructive power that divides the earth and causes all life to wither. ‘Kamael’ is characterized by recovering the health of all allies and reducing the enemy’s long-distance defense.

In addition to the addition of ‘Kamael, God of Harvest’, Kakao Games will hold a hero pickup event featuring ‘Meirl’, ‘Barry’, and ‘Tinia’ and a special equipment pickup summon event until September 9th.

Here, the new 19 season guild raid ‘Forbidden Forest’ will be introduced from the 28th to the 10th of September. In addition, the ‘Story Replay’ function has been added.

At the same time, a live event ‘Turn around Bingo Board’ is held. After you get ‘event points’ from ‘labyrinth’ and ‘story stage’ in the game, draw ‘Bingo Ball’ to participate in the event, and various in-game rewards are provided.

‘Guardian Tales’, which was officially launched in Korea and globally in July last year, is gaining popularity due to its retro-style dot graphics, engaging story development, unique humor codes throughout the game, and exciting gameplay.

Seo Dong-min, reporter for Game Talk

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