Guardians-LGP announces it will dissolve after ten years

The Guardians-LGP group dissolves. With a note on social media they have just announced it. Also the cancellation of a tour planned for the band’s 10th anniversary by the Guardians and SBD Management teams. This announcement is linked to the death, on January 3, of the legendary drummer Martín Rodríguez.

The note states: “Coming from where we came from, it was not easy, and we were honored to create a humble, sincere and eager project, without pressure and doing what we wanted to do, tailor-made for us three. ; and now that Martin has left us it is impossible and unthinkable to continue without him; or all three or nothing. ” They add that «have been ten exciting years of Guardians-LGP with whom, together with family, technicians, backliners, production, press and management, a very large family has been built around us».

After ten years, the band has released three albums, one hundred concerts, four official music videos, and over four hundred interviews. Also they emphasize to have been finalists to better disc heavy prizes MIN, CD’s sold worldwide “and to add a lot of memories and friendships”. They close the note by stating “We can only thank all the rock heroes for your dedication and your warmth.”


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