Guatemalan architect project participates in competition in New York

The modular platforms for restaurants and businesses to offer their services outdoors, designed by the Guatemalan architect Manuel Mansylla, are installed in New York’s Times Square.

Exposure of the product named “Fast Casual” in Times Square, it won him a spot on the television show New York by Design. The innovative idea appears in an episode that airs on CBS tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. NY.

A group of judges from the program will decide if the project outperforms the other 21 competitors. However, the public can cast their vote for one of the projects to be recognized with the People ‘s Choice.

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The project

Manuel Mansylla is a Guatemalan architect who has lived in New York for 15 years, where he founded the urban design company Fantástica, which develops lines based on making modular kits for cities. The designs are practical and easy to implement.

Fantastic He has worked with the City of New York and the Department of Transit on projects and they have helped to jointly develop with local government agencies the regulations associated with the implementation of their designs.

Due to the pandemic and the need for restaurants and businesses to be able to expand their premises into an open space, platforms such as those designed by Fantástica have become relevant for businesses looking for a way to keep their businesses open.

“Restaurants in New York are now having the need to do an installation in order to continue operating,” said the architect.

The Guatemalan emphasizes that the positive is that this new reality has begun to show that public space is better used when it revolves around the pedestrian instead of prioritizing vehicles.

“From 10 to 15 percent of all the parking lots on the street that existed now are being dedicated for this type of use. This shows that cities are going to change as a result of the pandemic and transform their public spaces, “he added.

Modular platforms

Some restaurants in New York have improvised and installed awnings and tables but the experience is bad for both the consumer and the operator of the installation according to the architect.

The design of Fantástica’s modular platforms is based on the use of “jersey” (plastic barriers to delimit the space) that function as a base and to mark the perimeter of the store. The jersey can fit benches, tables, bars, lighting, awnings or vegetation according to the design requested by each restaurant.

The product was recently launched and already has an order from donut sales company Krispy Kreme for its first New York facility.


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