Guerra Isabel Pantoja and Kiko Rivera: Telecinco will broadcast on Friday Cantora the poisoned inheritance 2

The war between Isabel Pantoja and Kiko Rivera will live a new chapter this Friday in Mediaset without knowing who will be the star guest

Singer: The Poisoned Inheritance 2.
Singer: The Poisoned Inheritance 2.

The war between Isabel Pantoja and Kiko Rivera is on the way to becoming, together with the coronavirus crisis, the most talked about of this 2020 and Telecinco wants to take advantage of this pull and stretch the family drama to the end. Mediaset bets on a new installment of ‘Cantora: the poisoned house’ that will broadcast this Friday on Telecinco. It will be the second part of what was experienced last Friday on the set with a legal battle on the horizon because of Paquirri’s inheritance to his son Kiko, allegedly stained by the debts generated by Pantoja.

What is still unknown is the star guest of the program, and if there will be. In the first installment, Kiko Rivera entered the scene leaving phrases that will remain for history. He skinned his mother by stating that he “is not a good person” and that he “stole from me.” He ended their family relationship and threatened to bring her before the judge. But Undoubtedly, the surprise of the night that astonished the four million viewers that the program had was the accusation of a false report by Kiko to her mother. He did not want to tell it but confirmed the exclusive of Save me. “On August 2, Paquirri’s room was opened by accident and Kiko discovered that there were her father’s belongings that had supposedly been stolen, according to Isabel Pantoja.” Moments before, Fran Rivera had entered the program by phone to support his brother and burst into tears when he remembered his father: “Dad would be very proud of you,” he told his brother.

What will happen this Friday? Nobody knows yet. The truth is that there were many issues to be addressed last week such as the money that Paquirri kept in the Cantora safes and that according to the bullfighter’s family he disappeared days after his death in Pozoblanco.


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