Guest on a Dutch TV channel, De Wever reaffirms his wish for a merger between Flanders and the Netherlands and is not taken seriously

The timing couldn’t be worse. On July 20, on the eve of the national holiday, Bart De Wever (N-VA) declared on the set of the Kanaal Z channel that he dreamed of seeing a reunification of Flanders with the Netherlands.

If the declarations of the mayor of Antwerp, whose separatist views are however well known, caused a stir in Belgium and especially in the south of the country, they seem to have been taken less seriously among our Dutch neighbors. The president of the N-VA however had the opportunity to come to support his remarks in the Dutch program Op 1, this Tuesday evening.

“Find someone who looks like us”

For several minutes, Bart De Wever reiterated his arguments, arguing that Flanders as well as the Netherlands could benefit from such a merger: “The world is growing, economic players are developing. So we need to step up a gear and find someone who looks like us“, began the nationalist.”An industrialized country with a dense population, a logistics gateway to Northern and Western Europe, a high level of activity, a lot of exports. Does that remind you of something? It’s us, the Flemings, and it’s you, the Dutch. If China and America monopolize all the wealth, it is not so strange to envisage a union between us. Should we compete with each other or, on the contrary, join forces?“, asked the mayor of Antwerp again.

Flag and cultural differences

If Bart De Wever was very serious throughout his demonstration, the two presenters of the show, them, were much less. They had a lot of fun with the idea of ​​a merger, obviously judging it highly improbable. The duo of presenters returned to the charge several times by questioning the president of the N-VA on funny details, such as the color of the flag that the country would display, cultural differences or even De Wever’s relationship with his Dutch wife. .

Remarks which seem to have annoyed De Wever, just like a number of viewers.

“How sad on Op 1. Bart De Wever has a rational economic merger plan”, for example tweeted a net surfer. “But these are just trivial emotional-cultural questions here. What a sad distortion of reality; I’m ashamed to death.”

Or again: “It is a pity that Bart De Wever is not taken seriously by the presenters of Op1. The cooperation plan between the Netherlands and Flanders deserves to be studied,” said another. Twitter user.

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