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Apple may well promise ever more robust iPhones, they are still very fragile objects. It is important to protect them as well as possible so as not to risk damaging them. At the price they are sold, buying some accessories – cases, films, skins etc – is essential to handle them without any fear. Below, our selection of protections for the iPhone 12.

This year, the iPhone 12 was particularly anticipated. Apple has done very well by presenting more powerful and better performing smartphones – with a price that remains the same as the previous generation. If it claims its iPhone 12/12 Pro are the most rugged, we can only recommend that you take one of the best cases (or films) to keep it safe.

True, the new screen is equipped with a layer Ceramic Shield (ceramic glass) that would allow all iPhone 12s to have “4 times less likely to break during a fall”. To ensure the protection of the iPhone 12, a better shell, a skin or even protective films remain the most effective methods to not break the screen and protect the case.

RhinoShield, la solution premium

Apart from the iPhone SE 2020 and the iPhone 12 mini, all other 2020 generation smartphones cost over € 900. It’s a budget, and you have to know how to make it profitable. To hold your iPhone 12 as long as possible, it is almost compulsory to protect it with accessories. Between the transparent cases and skins, you can quite keep the design of the iPhone while ensuring better impact resistance.

Among the key players in iPhone 12 protection, we still have RhinoShield. The brand is renowned for offering the best covers, skins and other screen protectors to extend the life of smartphones. Beyond the robustness of its products, RhinoShield has also worked on the design. There is something for all tastes, and for all needs.

To discover the accessories on RhinoShield, it’s here:

To see the full range of manufacturer protections:

Discover the RhinoShield range

In its range of cases for iPhone 12, we find the three essentials. First, there is the SolidSuit version which is the most shock resistant shell of all and which will protect you in as many situations as possible. Then, the Mod NX model allows you to create a modular and personalized shell according to your tastes. Finally, the CrashGuard NX shell is a skin (or bumper) that surrounds the smartphone at the chassis level.

Best case for an iPhone 12

While RhinoShield is the best-known and most trusted solution for delivering the best iPhone cases, it’s not the only one. On various merchant sites, there are actors (more or less reliable) who offer alternatives to protect their iPhone 12. Spigen, Urban Armor Gear or ESR offer some protection solutions for smartphones.

On Amazon for example, you can do dozens of cases for iPhone 12. That said, you have to be very careful when choosing them. Indeed, it is difficult to know the quality of these. When you buy such an expensive smartphone, it is better to focus on recognized brands. The price difference will be a few euros (or tens of euros at most), it is better to play it safe.

Below we have prepared a selection of the best iPhone 12 cases. As you can see there is diversity: transparent / colored case, with crutches, hard / soft cases, skins (bumper), leather / camo / silicone. Rather than choosing an official Apple case (much more expensive and sometimes even more basic), it is better to opt for third parties.

List of the best cases for iPhone 12:

If the RhinoShield iPhone 12 cases are not yet available on Amazon, they will be shortly. The premium Taiwanese brand still offers models on the previous iPhone 11s (and on the 2020 iPhone SE) on the merchant platform. As you can see, the investment in one of the best protective cases for the iPhone 12 is negligible compared to the price of the phone itself.

IPhone 12 case

Mod NX © RhinoShield

Screen protection film

With a case, you will protect the case of the iPhone 12. If you drop it, this case will allow you to absorb part of the shock and thus prevent the parts inside the phone from moving. However, there is always a risk of damaging the screen. To do this, opt for a discreet protective film to prevent scratches and breakage of the device.

The whole new generation of iPhone 12 is equipped with a magnificent OLED screen (Apple left the LCD aside). These are screens that offer an excellent user experience … provided they are intact. It is therefore necessary to find a protective film that will protect the latter, without darkening the screen. Below we have listed some ideas to provide better protection for your iPhone 12.

IPhone 12 Screen Protector:

Protective film for the back of iPhone 12:

If you don’t want a case for your iPhone 12, you always have the option to go for a protective film on the back of the phone. It will not protect against falls, but it will prevent any risk of scratching on the back. A priori, because the back is brushed (mat) glass, there should not be too many risks of scratches. Having said that, it’s a good way to make the product a bit more secure if you don’t want a better case.

Film protection iPhone 12Film protection iPhone 12

Tempered glass BENKS © Amazon

Protective film for the photo sensor

Whether you take a case for your iPhone 12 or not, one part is always visible: the photo sensor on the back. Whether it’s the iPhone 12 or the iPhone 12 Pro, it takes the form of a small raised square at the top left, on the back of the device. It is therefore more sensitive to shocks and scratches. If you don’t have a shell, this part will tend to rest on the support.

Again, Apple promised us that there was no risk. The reality is that prevention is better than cure with a small film that is placed on the small square of the photo modules. You therefore have a small sticker that prevents scratches on the two (or three for the iPhone 12 Pro) photo modules. It will not interfere with the quality of the photos and videos.

Our advice to protect your iPhone 12

No matter how good you have the best iPhone 12 case, there is always a risk that the phone will break. You must therefore always remain very vigilant when handling your smartphone. This is what will allow you to guarantee the longevity of the product through the years. Investing a few tens of euros in these accessories (covers, films, etc.) is a mandatory step to further improve safety.

Even by opting for guarantees (Apple Care +) and even having accessories, you must always remain attentive. At the price they are, the iPhone 12s are objects to be treated with the greatest care. In order not to have any mishap, so as not to have to repay a new box, it is better to take care of it. If you are very clumsy, it is even better to opt for a better case, even more solid (even if it means being less design) for your iPhone 12.

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