Guido Rodríguez follows the slope of Las Águilas del América

Undoubtedly one of the best foreign players who have passed through Las Águilas del América in recent years is the Argentine Guido Rodríguez, who since he took charge of the team on his shoulder and achieved several titles within the institution.

However, when leaving for Europe, many would think that the player would quickly forget his stage as an Americanist, which is totally the opposite, since Guido continues step by step everything related to the club:

In fact, he went live through a video call from Spain for the “Vamos América” program of TUDN and confessed to those who drive it that the day-to-day bluecream follows from a distance.

“Congratulations on this beginning and good luck with the news about the best team in Mexico, hopefully keep them informed to those who are far away ”

It is for this type of thing that the fans love Guido too much, hopefully in the future we can see him again dressed in yellow and get more titles with his favorite La Liga MX team.

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