Guillaume Boutin: “In 10 years, Proximus will be a Belgian Gafa”

In this podcast, the CEO of Proximus sets out his 10-year vision and pleads for revenge by local digital players on the American tech giants.

Guillaume Boutin is convinced that by 2030, Proximus will have become much more than a telecom operator. Managing the care pathway for Belgians, improving mobility, developing smart cities with 5G or even creating secure and sovereign digital safes, projects are bubbling up in the head of the CEO of Proximus.

His goal? Make Proximus the main Belgian portal for managing citizens’ access to all of their digital services. Guillaume Boutin firmly believes that local players have a unique chance to take their revenge on the Gafa, the American tech giants.

What are the markets of the future? What recipes to create Belgian digital champions? How to reconcile 5G and environmental challenges? To discover Guillaume Boutin’s vision for the next ten years, listen to the fourth episode of the Hors pistes podcast.

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