Guillaume, farmer in Seine-Maritime and… parcel pick-up point

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In Sauqueville, near Dieppe (Seine-Maritime), a truck docks. Charles Corruble unloads bedding, two refrigerators, a washing machine, a television set and stores everything neatly in his shed. However, we are not in a white shop or in a relay point, but at a potato and onion producer. “I receive this type of package twice a week from Cdiscount. After validation of the reception, customers who have ordered via the Internet receive an SMS and can pick them up, according to our time slots. “

The farmer is one of the hundred members in France of the young start-up Agrikolis, founded in 2016 in Tourcoing (Nord) by Cédric Guyot and Guillaume Belissent: “Our reflection is based on the observation that recovering large parcels of more than thirty kilos was very restrictive. We do not all live in the city and being able to collect your package in a rural environment avoids the inconvenience of traffic and parking. And who, in the countryside, has enough space to store packages? Farmers! “

In 2018, the Cdiscount brand trusted the small business and today, there are five of them managing a network, which, the two men hope, could have 250 withdrawal points at the end of 2020. To become a partner, the clauses are simple: “Having a means of handling, secure storage space, a smartphone, easy access for trucks, availability to welcome customers and a smile …”, details Cédric Guyot.

Links between peri-urban areas and the farming world

Since July 2019, Charles Corruble has put all the assets on his side. Practicing the direct sale of its agricultural products, it is open almost every day “depending on the season, because in summer we are more flat”, especially for Black Friday, Christmas and sales. “With little investment, because I only bought a few racks, it’s a good way to make yourself better known, even to people who live next door,” adds the farmer. Today, customers come from a Tôtes-Eu-Fécamp triangle. “

For the farmer, it is also the possibility of supplementing his income, between 250 to 400 euros per month, and “above all to create links between the peri-urban and the farming world, to show how we work, speak and dialogue for fight agribashing ”. Everyone wins.


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