Guillermo Lasso grants presidential pardons to reduce overcrowding in prisons in Ecuador

Ecuador Metro

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Ecuador Metro

The President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso, signed Executive Decrees No. 264 and 265 on Monday, granting a presidential pardon to persons deprived of liberty, under certain conditions, to reduce overcrowding in prisons in Ecuador.

Through a statement issued tonight, the authorities reported that this decision is part of the Ecuador Rescue Plan, with which they have the commitment to “protect the rights of persons deprived of liberty, establish effective actions for the recovery of peace. and the security of the prison system, and alleviate prison overcrowding ”.

Through Decree 264, a pardon was granted in favor of any person deprived of liberty who has been sentenced for the offenses set forth in articles 383 and 386 of the Comprehensive Organic Criminal Code, which correspond to traffic offenses that do not involve deaths or injuries.

While with Decree 265, the Head of State granted clemency to who suffer from one or more of the following conditions:

  • 1. Catastrophic illnesses;
  • 2. Terminal illnesses;
  • 3. Multi-drug resistant tuberculosis, and / or
  • 4. TB-HIV coinfection

“In both cases, this decision consists of the total forgiveness of custodial penalties and does not extinguish the obligation of comprehensive reparation that each of the recipients of the pardon is responsible for, including those of a pecuniary nature”, notes the statement.

Neither are the fines or other non-custodial penalties imposed by a final sentence extinguished, the statement concludes.

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