Guillermo Moreno, to Alberto Fernández: “You have no forgiveness from God”

The former Secretary of Internal Trade once again criticized the president’s management and said that the Government “is reaching the end as a political project.” Credit: Video capture

Once again, the former Secretary of Internal Trade Guillermo Moreno criticized the management of Alberto Fernandez given the economic crisis that the country is going through and said that the government “is reaching the end, at least as a political project.”

It is not the first time that the former Kirchner official has targeted the President. On this occasion, he referred to the recent adjustment measures promoted by the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, and in particular the cut in the assets of retirees.

“Alberto he filled his mouth talking about retirees, that’s why I told him the other day: ‘You have no forgiveness from God. You paid them 19 thousand pesos in December 2019 and, unless you give them an extraordinary, you are going to pay them with the 19 thousand adjustment in 2020, ‘”Moreno said during Viviana Canosa’s program Nothing personal.

The former official opined that the arrival of International Monetary Fund (IMF) to the country means the end of Fernández’s political project. Along these lines, he criticized the lack of an economic plan by the Government and considered that this is one of the biggest mistakes of the management.

“The salaries of politics have nothing to do with reality. You have to change it, but you do not have to lower the salaries of the public, you have to raise the prices of the private ones. If you generate profitability in the economy you will be able to pay them at the bottom. If you lost nine months without making a plan, the Fund arrives and tells you what to do “, Moreno argued.

As a possible solution, he argued that a model of permanent and sustainable economic development oriented towards production is needed. “You have to generate work,” he said. And in relation to the future of the country, he declared that the Peronist party “has an obligation to meet.” Once again, he left out the current president, whom on another occasion he had defined him as “social democrat”.

“It is not fully understood where they want to go. The vocation of service in politics has been lost and it must be recovered,” he concluded.

The abortion debate

For the politician, the treatment of the Pregnancy Termination Law in the National Congress occurs at an inappropriate time. “Why put issues that divide? This is not the time,” he said.

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