Guinness World Records validates very first lightsaber

Science fiction has always inspired our modern society, and it’s not those plastic lightsabers we buy for kids that are the best examples. However, for many years, fans, madmen, but above all enthusiasts of the future have launched themselves in the race to create a real lightsaber, worthy of the Star Wars saga and it is done!

Young padawan, know that it is possible today! A true retractable lightsaber, which cuts metal like butter and can adopt different colors, perhaps one day will be available to future Jedi thanks to Hacksmith Industries. Indeed, it is the videographer James Hobson who unveiled it on his Youtube channel and after many years of work and research, he has managed to recreate the most realistic saber, the most faithful to the Star Wars universe. becoming the first creator of the retractable plasma lightsaber.

Validated in a Guinness World Records video, James Hobson won the “First Lightsaber” award, ever, but who is this first Jedi in history to create his own lightsaber? Video maker James Hobson, aka Hacksmith Industries on YouTube, has made in his career many objects inspired by science fiction films and superhero films such as: the gloves of “Iron Man”, the claws of “Wolverine” or the lace-up shoes that are made by themselves from “Back to the Future” as well as the many other inventions that delight the 11 million subscribers who follow him on his channel.

The hardest thing about perseverance is loneliness!
He did not succeed on the first try, in his previous attempts, James Hobson mainly used metal rods heated to temperatures reaching around 1,700 degrees Celsius, to recreate the look and effects of the lightsabers of the saga. Star Wars. He had also developed a model similar to that of Kylo Ren. But this time, the former engineer used liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), a mixture of gases containing propane, mixed with oxygen, as fuel for the saber. The result is a much hotter saber that can finally retract on itself, just like in the movies.

Thanks to different types of salts and minerals, such as chloric calcium, it then colors the beam to give it a green, blue, red, etc. The assembly is controlled by a simple button, connected to an electrical circuit, which allows the beam to be retracted. In terms of temperatures, the beam reaches 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit or around 2,200 degrees Celsius and with such a temperature it can easily cut a lot of things including a Stormtrooper. On the other hand, it will be necessary to act quickly, because its autonomy is for the moment of only 5 minutes.

If currently the lightsaber does not yet fit on the belt, because it requires a lot of energy, technology is advancing very quickly and there is no doubt about the future of Hacksmith Industries to perfect its invention. But for what purpose?

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