Guk power “Lee Jae-myung, if you keep sticking out your flippers, the special prosecutor”… Reins of the Daejang-dong Offensive (Comprehensive)

picture explanationKim Ki-hyun speaking at the House Countermeasures Committee

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On the 19th, when Gyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myung of the Democratic Party of Korea attacked the so-called Jangjang district as a ‘guk power gate’, the People’s Power even referred to the proposal of a special prosecutor’s law and put pressure on the governor.

Kim Ki-hyeon, the floor leader, said on SNS on the afternoon of the same day, “A specific individual who was close with this governor took a huge profit due to the preferential design, and the governor is directly responsible for the process and results.” It is a serious matter that deserves the resignation of the governor and governor.”

He said, “Declare that you will be present as a witness to the National Inspectorate rather than putting on a time-consuming show by saying that you will be investigated only with words to put out the fire. said.

Representative Hong Jun-pyo, the presidential candidate, met with reporters after visiting the mayor of Saemaeul in Songpa, and said, “I don’t understand why the mayor of Seongnam is the main body of development, but I don’t understand why he sticks out his flippers when he says he doesn’t.” You have to ask for it,” he said.

He emphasized, “If I mobilize a special prosecutor to conduct an investigation in just three months, all (results) will come out before the election,” he said.

Hong Jun-pyo shouting fighting for Imjingakseo

picture explanationHong Jun-pyo shouting fighting for Imjingakseo

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Choi Jae-hyung, former chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection, said, “If we had focused on recruiting many of the best lawyers as advisors, even though we are not a law firm, there would have been circumstances and reasons that required legal supplementation.” We have to pay attention to the members of the

He continued, “If it was a normal special-purpose business, the best experts in development, implementation and sale would have been important.” pointed out

Former Jeju Governor Won Hee-ryong also wrote on SNS, “Don’t be crushed while answering alumni documents, and if you’re honest, let’s do it immediately, whether it’s a state investigation or a special prosecutor.”

Former Governor Won said, “If you want to claim that it is the gate of the opposition party, you must directly request a state investigation or special prosecutor as cool as the people’s power.

8 candidates for the People's Power contest (PG)

picture explanation8 candidates for the People’s Power contest (PG)

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Assemblyman Ha Tae-kyung also said, “The essence of the Daejang-dong gate is Lee Jae-myung’s public fraud,” he said.

When Governor Lee Jae-myung’s camp accused him of violating the Public Official Election Act that day, Rep. Yoon Chang-hyeon said in a SNS statement, “Whether the Daejang-dong model is a good example that should be encouraged in the future, let’s receive a fair evaluation in addition to legal responsibility.” “Lee’s deterrence Until the moment when the government apologizes in front of the common sense of the people, we will continue to follow up and respond calmly.”


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