Gulf News | Tik Tok confirms that it has crossed the threshold of one billion active users

Tik Tok confirmed on Monday that the number of its active users (at least one call per month). In service) it has exceeded one billion, just four years after the launch of this application belonging to the “Byte” group Dance» Chinese.

TikTok has attracted more than 300 million new users since July 2020. The date of the last announcement from the network about the number of its users.

The network, especially loved by teenagers thanks to its funny or dancing short clips, has strengthened its position during the Covid pandemic. -19 due to repeated periods of closure around the world, including the closure of schools and the dependence of millions on work from distance. And after the length of the video clips on “Tik Tok” was limited to a maximum of fifteen seconds, The network raised this maximum period to 60 seconds, and then to three minutes in early July to attract A broader audience and strengthening its position in the competition «YouTube».

On the other hand, “YouTube” affiliated with “Google” launched its “Shorts” service, which has become Covering more than a hundred countries since last July, with the aim of competing with “Tik Tok” in The field of short clips.

But Tik Tok is still far ahead in this market segment over “Tik Tok.” YouTube” had 2.3 billion active users in 2020.

Tik Tok seeks to increase the financial revenues from its platform, after a delay in this regard in its beginnings.

The social network accelerated its steps in the field of advertising last year and launched at the end of August 2021 a new feature that allows users to To directly purchase products that are offered directly by content creators on the platform.

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