Guns Akimbo on Amazon Prime: Daniel Radcliffe on acid in this action film stuffed with hemoglobin, our verdict

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A cinematic UFO! This is how Amazon Prime’s latest totally wacky movie could be described. And for good reason, in Guns Akimbo, Daniel Radcliffe who swaps his magic wand of harry potter for two pistols, plays a totally offset role. Contrary to all that the actor has been able to get used to so far. Indeed, in this dramatic comedy, the young man takes on the features of Miles, a totally lost video game designer who spends his time fighting trolls on the internet. Until one day he finds himself mysteriously chased by a strange bounty hunter, trapped in what looks like a sort of Fight Club virtual with two pistols nailed to the hands.

Daniel Radcliffe plays Miles, a lost video game designer in Guns Akimbo

Spread the word, Guns Akimbo is a badass and boosted opus to take to the thousandth degree. And for good reason, through his clearly crazy plot, the director Jason Lei Howdenne does not seem to take himself seriously. Throughout the film, blood flows freely and the dead are counted with a shovel. We can also have fun counting if the number of swear words exceeds the number of corpses so there are. In short, you will have understood in Guns Akimbo it swears, it machine guns down and above all it has no moral. The explosive action scenes disgust as much as they make you laugh. A kind of Nerve on acid mixed with the aesthetics of a Matrix and the sharp humor of a Kill bill.

Daniel Radcliffe on acid in the very crazy Guns Akimbo
Daniel Radcliffe on acid in the very crazy Guns Akimbo

As for Daniel Radcliffe’s interpretation, we would like to emphasize the quality of the latter. And for good reason, the actor perfectly encapsulates the role of the anti-hero overwhelmed by events and who nevertheless tries to bring a little sweetness in this world of brute. All along, we can’t help but sneer at such awkwardness and its misadventures, while secretly hoping that the latter will flank a good beating to Skizm and all his clique. With Guns Akimbo, the young man who is definitely leaving his comfort zone proves that we can still largely count on him. While offering its fans a real cinematic release, to taste without taking the head. And if unfortunately for you, you get stuck with your parents during confinement, here is the list of films to watch to avoid embarrassing moments.

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