Gustavo Conti broke the silence and dedicated a powerful message to Ximena Capristo: “We love you for being wonderful”

“He is not going to talk because he has no balls. I hope he comes out and says he screwed up. But he is not going to do it, he dies with his boots on.” With those words Ximena Capristo He referred to the marital crisis that he is going through with Gustavo Conti and so far the actor had preferred to remain silent. Now he returned to the networks to leave a message of love for the exvedette.

Gustavo used his Instagram account to dedicate a post to Ximena for Mother’s Day. “We love you only for being unique and wonderful”, wrote, along with a video in which the actress appears playing with Felix (3), his son. “Happy Mother’s Day, @ximecapristo,” he added, after the scandal after his wife published an intimate chat he had with another woman, in his first message to his partner and to whom he preferred to close his comments.

“I published it because I’m tired of him saying I’m a liar. There was a previous discussion, I got heated up and uploaded it. Then I regretted it and deleted it. I don’t want my son to suffer. It’s the only thing that matters to me. I have nothing. What to say. In any case, he is the one who has to come out and speak, “Ximena Capristo had said after the controversy with Gustavo Conti broke out. Your first step to reconciliation?

Photo: Instagram


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