Gustavo Dulanto: Ibai surrendered to the Peruvian defender after Sheriff Tiraspol’s victory over Real Madrid in the Champions League | FOOTBALL-PERUVIAN

World fever caused by Sheriff Tiraspol of . The renowned presenter Ibai joined the yellow wave of the sensation team of the Champions League, exposing the affection that took them after the last game that they beat Real Madrid 2-1 in the Champions League.

“Me? Fan of Sheriff Tiraspol since I was born, I grew up watching Tarkhnishvili, my adolescence went to see Aliaksei Kuchuk, comb his blonde hair and now I see Dulanto Captain them with the most beautiful shirt in the world. Trabsnitria is the patio of my house and the Stadionul, my home “, said the Spanish streamer on social networks.

Gustavo Dulanto was a trend in Real Madrid vs. Sheriff Tiraspol for the second day of the group stage in this edition of the Champions League. The Peruvian defender had a remarkable performance, the same one that was highlighted by the commentators of the broadcast, who compared him to a rugby player for his “toughness” at the time of scoring.

It should be noted that the central defender ended up as captain of the Moldovan team against Real Madrid, after Castañeda was changed in the second half, a product of fatigue after having given everything on the field for the victory over Carlo Ancelotti’s men.

Ibai highlighted the delivery of Sheriff Tiraspol. (Capture)

Dulanto happy for the triumph in Madrid

Gustavo Dulanto was aware that the match against Real Madrid It had to be played on the edge of the regulation, so he could not avoid being cautioned at the beginning of the complementary stage, after a foul on Camavinga, who-again-was knocked down by the Peruvian.

With the triumph in your pocket, there were only moments of gratitude “Proud of this campus! Thanks God! Your times are perfect ”, The player maintained on his main social networks after the historic triumph of the Moldovans at the Santiago Bernabéu for the Champions League.

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