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A week ago, EL TIEMPO exclusively revealed that one of those investigated within the drug trafficking plot involving “Jesús Santrich” appeared dead.

It is about Iván Enrique Libreros Díaz, a former member of the Epl who appears in recordings with Marlon Marín, talking about moving dollars abroad, presumably from the Farc. EL TIEMPO, not only found that Libreros traveled to Turkey, but also that his name appears on a death certificate from July 2019.

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However, his name did not come up even in the debate on the alleged entrapment of which the senators Iván Cepeda, Roy Barreras, Antonio Sanguino and Gustavo Petro accused the former prosecutor Néstor Humberto Martínez.

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But, after the revelation of EL TIEMPO, Senator Petro asked in the first commission of the Senate that the authorities investigate that death.

However, the findings made by reporters from this newspaper are already being investigated by authorities, and even the DEA is already aware of it.

Senator Gustavo Petro did not mention Iván Libreros in his debate. But, after the revelation of EL TIEMPO, he is asking that his death be investigated.

Although Petro did not mention Libreros in his debate, he said – after revelations by EL TIEMPO – that he is the first dead person in the entrapment case.

“I want to tell the public opinion and the secretary that in a part of that debate where I mentioned an issue that has to do, quite confusingly, the recording module, that It has to do with a possible dollar laundering activity, built between the DEA and the Prosecutor’s Office, in Turkey, which I attributed to the issue of a conflict between the Trump administration and Mr. Erdogan, whereby the prosecutor who requested the extradition of ‘Santrich’ to the United States, the prosecutor for the southern district of New York, He resigned, there are 4 people talking, one of whom is a Mr. Iván Libreros Díaz, “Petro admitted.

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Death certificate of Iván Libreros

This is the death certificate of Iván Libreros, obtained exclusively by EL TIEMPO.

And then, returning to EL TIEMPO’s investigation, he added: “He was a former Epl combatant who made peace back in 91, at the same time as us. He went to work at Reintegration and then at DAS, the old DAS, not as an escort but as a DAS manager. His colleagues say that he went to work with the DEA, which would be consistent with this type of entrapment activities, but he was found dead in the bathroom of his home in 2019. He is the first dead of the people who speak in those entrapment conversations“.

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Marlon marin

Marlon Marín appears talking to Libreros about moving dollars to Turkey.


Marlon Marín Marín / Facebook

False death?

For this reason, he said that he will ask the Prosecutor’s Office that, if possible, Legal Medicine investigates in depth the causes of the death of Iván Libreros Díaz.

People close to Libreros say that he was found dead in the toilet of his house and according to the death certificate he suffered a heart attack, but people on the left say that it is not the first time that Libreros appears dead.

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In fact, citing the EL TIEMPO investigation, Ariel Ávila made the same claim.

Ivan Libreros

Certificate from the Prosecutor’s Office stating that Iván Libreros was indicted in the Santrich case

The first piece of information EL TIEMPO found about Libreros is that he is demobilized from the Popular Liberation Army (Epl). In March 1992, he was saved from an attack, in which a member of the M-19, a movement with which he was associated, was wounded.

“Then he advised the Reintegration program in Bolívar, and at the time of Jorge Noguera he was at the DAS in Norte de Santander”, said a senator. And his name also came up in the DAS blows, but as a victim.

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TIME sought him out to explain his connection to this plot. And a close friend said that on July 30, 2019, at 2:34 pm, he was found dead in the bathroom of his home. And his name appears on his death certificate in the hands of this newspaper, which will now be investigated.

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