Guus Meeuwis opens own club to perform for 100 people NOW

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Guus Meeuwis will be performing in Tilburg 013 from 1 August to perform for his new album Share So much to give. Three nights a week, the singer performs there for a hundred people. He tells that on Friday morning show Q-Music.

Meeuwis says he did not want to start streaming concerts. “I saw everyone doing their best, but it’s not my thing,” he says. “The 013 was immediately enthusiastic and so were we.”

The singer renamed the Tilburg pop hall into Club So much. From August 1, a day after his latest album is released, visitors are welcome “as long as people want to come”. Meeuwis promises that everyone who registers online will actually have their turn.

For his new idea, Meeuwis drew inspiration from the draining of the United States in the 1920s. “Then all kinds of smaller clubs arose. I think it will be a super adventure. Back to basics.”

Meeuwis will release his new single on Friday If only you were here out, on the same day that its annual concert series actually Big with a soft G would start. That event was moved to 2021 due to the coronavirus.



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