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Guus Meeuwis will be one for the second time Large with a soft Gorganize concert for children. The second edition of Grand Junior will take place on Wednesday afternoon June 10, the singer announced in Wednesday The world moves on.

The Brabant singer was already in the Eindhoven Philips Stadium on 12 June 2019 with the children’s edition of his popular concert series.

For this special concert Meeuwis enlists the help of a Grand Junior Management team, consisting of six children who advise the singer during the preparations.

The singer tells that the first edition of Grand Junior liked it and therefore did not hesitate for a long time about a second edition. “Working with my Junior Managers is already a celebration in itself”, says Meeuwis.

“They know exactly what they want to see during the show. Last year, they thought that children and parents had to dance on stage and they wanted a children’s medley. Those were perhaps the best moments of the show.”

Ticket sales start on Thursday

The upcoming edition of the children’s concert, Meeuwis two days before the start of the regular concert series Large with a soft G will be dominated by UNICEF. Meeuwis is ambassador of UNICEF and wants to be with Grand Junior draw attention to the work of the organization that promotes children’s rights.

The concert takes into account the age of the young visitors. There are also seats on the field and there is sufficient space for dancing. The songs of Meeuwis are central to the show and guest artists will also perform.

The ticket sale of Grand Junior starts on Thursday, February 13 at 9 a.m.



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