Guy Mardel’s ups and downs

Singers from a single hit are fascinating. They touch fame – and fortune – then disappear in the media. Light and shadow. In 1965, at the age of 21, Guy Mardel reached his Grail. “Never admit”, for which he composed the music (the lyrics are signed Françoise Dorin), is a huge success which gives him national fame and allows him to appear in the photo of the century taken by Jean-Marie Périer. But after three years of touring, the doors of show biz have closed. In 1992, in the show The Beach Barto find on the INA ArdiTube channel -, Mardel confides in Thierry Ardisson.

“I worked with writers that my manager Paul Lederman found a little weak and he said to me: ‘There is a chick who writes songs, you should go see her.’ Dorin gave me texts and I put them on my piano. […] I took the one on “Never confess”, and after a quarter of an hour, the music was over, ”he recalls. A tube sold three million copies. After the tours with Claude François, at the same time as he was finishing his law degree, and experiences abroad, it was difficult to set foot in the stirrup again. “I was completely forgotten. Homeless. I knew it would be like this. What I wanted was to be successful in my life, not to be successful in show business. “

Duet with Chantal Goya

Shadow work begins. He became a producer of TV shows (Guy Lux) and was kicked out of his own show by Michel Drucker… “I found myself on the streets. I had two small children, I had to do something. “A shy return to music, a duet with Chantal Goya (the very dispensable” Take a rose “in 1975), a record-burning company and the management of a restaurant where we sing the years 60-70 … “I didn’t want to compromise myself,” he says to justify his failed comebacks.

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Why hasn’t he become a huge star? “When journalists from France Sunday came to see me, I refused to mount blows. I do not drink alcohol… “

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