Ha Tae-kyung, “If the ‘Lee Jun-seok automatic dismissal plan’ is passed, it will be catastrophic”

Photo courtesy of Yonhap News

Rep. Ha Tae-kyung, a member of the People’s Power, urged the party to reject the amendment to the party’s constitution that forcibly dismisses Lee Jun-seok as the party transitions to an emergency response committee system.

Rep. Ha pointed out through his SNS today, “Please reject the amendment to the constitution of the non-victory party for confrontation and catastrophe.”

Rep. Ha said, “The amendment to the party constitution that forcibly dismisses Chairman Lee is the party’s path to catastrophe.”

“According to experts, there is a 50/50 chance that President Lee’s application for injunction will pass,” he said.

“It cannot be a pathetic party where politicians cannot decide the fate of a party and judges decide,” he said.

Within the party, the theory of the resignation of Yoon Hak-kwan was also raised to secure the legitimacy of the non-captain.

Kyungnam University professor Kim Geun-sik, who served as the head of the People’s Power Vision Strategy Office, said on SNS today, “In the internal red and chaos of the party, Yoon Hek-kwan’s responsibility is not less than that of party leader Lee Jun-seok. He indirectly criticized Kwon Seong-dong, acting representative of the party.

Professor Kim also said, “Yun Hee-kwan, who has no position, only lowered the approval rating of the president by setting up lines and his own politics of escorting the president. It will be,” he emphasized.

The People’s Power plans to formalize the transition to the emergency response committee system through the revision of the party constitution and the appointment of the chairman of the non-submission committee at the National Committee on the 9th.

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