Habemus Monstrum 2 Release Date Lovecraftian Terror!

Lovecratian asymmetric multiplayer survival horror is back. We show you the release date of Monstrum 2

Developer Junkfish just announced the Monstrum 2 release date as an early access game on Steam. The sequel to his game survival-horror Asymmetric multiplayer will debut as a Steam Early Access title this month, on January 28. The studio warms up with the release of a short trailer as a preview of one of its monsters.

For those who do not know, Monstrum 2 is an asymmetric multiplayer horror game 4 players vs 1. Trapped in the corridors of Sparrow Lock, a research facility in the middle of the ocean, 4 prisoners will try to escape anyway from this sea trap after a failed experiment, while a fifth player will take on the role of the monster escaped, ready to hunt down each and every one of them.

Unable to defend themselves, the prisoners must explore the facilities to remove obstacles and unlock new areas, as well as find useful objects for their survival. Of course, they must do all of this without being discovered by the monster. Junkfish notes that the gameplay “combines first-person stealth mechanics with a puzzle-centric survival-horror approach,” which encourages players to coordinate their strategies to escape all together through the game’s procedurally generated maps.

As for the creatures, Monstrum 2 Early Access will feature 3 different monsters, each with their own abilities and characteristics. One of them is the ‘Malacosm’ that they show us in this trailer, which as you intuit from its name, is a Lovecraftian nightmare capable of going through walls, teleporting across the map, and seeing what its prey are seeing in real time through clairvoyance, among other powers.

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